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Fowler College of Business

Assessment of Student Learning

The Fowler College of Business is committed to student learning and considers it our highest priority as per the FCB mission statement. To accomplish our mission the FCB has worked diligently to develop a culture of assessment.

Assessment activities occur throughout the college for all programs. The college has clear learning outcomes for its Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) program and for the MBA program. Further, student learning outcomes have been identified at the departmental level for each undergraduate major and for specialized masters' programs. Assessment of these departmental programs, both undergraduate and graduate, is undertaken on a regular basis. Co-curricular programs such as Study Abroad and the FCB Honors Program have also identified student learning outcomes.

The success of the college's efforts to accomplish their learning outcomes is measured through a wide variety of course-embedded and demonstration method direct measures. These include questions embedded in exams, assignments, case analyses and standardized tests. Additionally indirect measures such as surveys are routinely used to triangulate the results of the direct assessment measures. Assessment results are shared throughout the college and serve as a driving force for programmatic change.

The FCB's assurance of learning/assessment efforts have been lauded at the university-level (SDSU), the CSU level, and by the AACSB.

Check out the AACSB White Paper on AoL (published March 2019), found under the Resource Links tab.