Welcome to the Undergraduate Business Programs

San Diego State University offers a state-of-the-art curriculum, an outstanding faculty, over 100 different courses to choose from, and excellent opportunities to work with the San Diego business community.

SDSU offers undergraduate students a choice of eight majors with four areas of specialization and one major – international business – that is a joint degree program with SDSU’s College of Arts and Letters.

Students can major in accounting, general business, finance, financial services, information systems, management, marketing, or real estate. Within management they can choose a specialization in entrepreneurship or human resources (in addition to general management). Within marketing students may elect to major in general marketing or complete the marketing major with a specialization in integrated marketing communications or a specialization in professional selling and sales management.

The Business Passport

An integral component of the College of Business Administration's upper-division coursework.

How do I Declare a Business Major?

Admission to the Business Majors is controlled by the College of Business Administration. Students must also meet specific requirements in order to declare any Business Major.

Business Honors Program

Upper-division business majors may be eligible for the Business Honors Program.

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