Fowler College of Business

The Fowler College of Business has developed and educated over 64,000 undergraduate and graduate students who make great strides in the region’s and nation’s economies by utilizing their education at San Diego State University. The philanthropic support of our alumni and community members are instrumental in developing the programs, opportunities, and scholarship support that shape our students’ most distinguished learning experiences during their time at SDSU.

The Fowler College of Business prepares students to succeed in their careers through continuous improvement of its programs and curriculum, promoting teaching excellence, and providing real-world opportunities for students to gain experience through internships, mentorships, and in-class demonstrations or lectures.

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By investing in the Fowler College of Business, you are demonstrating a commitment to the success of the next generation of business leaders in the region and nation. In order for philanthropic support to have the most impact in this effort, we have identified the following priorities:

Scholarship support is instrumental in allowing SDSU’s business students to pursue their education. By contributing to or creating your own scholarship, the recipients of your investment are able to devote more time to their coursework, professional development, and extracurricular activities.

An example of one of these life-changing scholarships is the Mehdi Salehizadeh Legacy Endowed Scholarship established for students by Dr. Mehdi Salehizadeh in dedication to his 37 years of service to the University.

“Since I am one of three children, we have to help out with finances by working and paying for our own school. This [Mehdi Salehizadeh Legacy Endowed] scholarship will be of great financial help to me as I can now broaden my horizons this semester and look not only for paid internships, but also unpaid, as I have extra money from this generous scholarship to help keep me afloat. As a result of this scholarship, I will have less student loan debt, which will be of great benefit to me post-graduation, whether I accept a job or continue my education and obtain an MBA.”

– Reagan Sanders, Finance Major, Class of 2020

Our Fowler Scholars are yet another instance where scholarship support is pivotal to a student’s education here at SDSU.

“The scholarships provided to me and my classmates are incredible. The events, discussions, and opportunities we are exposed to through this support as a Fowler Scholar have been life-changing.”

– Davis Boring, Finance, Fowler Class of 2022

If you are interested in learning more about contributing to or creating your own scholarship for students in the Fowler College of Business, please email Sheona Som at [email protected].

Visit the Fowler Scholars Program to learn more.

Meet the Team

If you are interested in learning more about contributing to or creating an endowment funds that are match eligible in support of the Fowler College of Business, we invite you to contact Sheona Som.