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Welcome to the Enterprise Systems e-Learning Club (ESeC)

Enterprise systems are technologies that support a wide range of business processes across all disciplines taught at the College of Business. Enterprise systems integrate the information flows and provide data analytics capabilities to help organizations make complex decisions.

Enterprise Systems e-Learning Club (ESeC) is a learning platform that provides students with the opportunity to conduct enterprise systems-related activities that they may not have the opportunity to do in their regular course of study and to gain or enhance their enterprise software skillset. A Blackboard course website is used to deliver case-based learning modules with hands-on activities that allow students to work at their own pace, anywhere, and at anytime. ESeC is open to all SDSU students. Certificates and awards are issued to acknowledge student’s achievements.

Funding of ESeC comes from gernerous support from Catherine M. Stiefel, '92.


Professors Janie Chang and Y. Helio Yang proposed the initiatives to incorporate and integrate enterprise systems into FCB curriculum in Fall 2010. Seed funding was granted through Fowler College of Business Grad Fees and SDSU became a member of SAP University Alliances. The first set of courses developed under the initiatives were offered in Fall 2011.

External funding support was provided by Catherine M. Stiefel, '92 in December 2011. The fund is used to sustain the initiatives and support training for students and faculty. In fall 2013, Nancy Jones, a certified SAP trainer with extensive experience, joined the faculty advisory team. In Fall 2014, Enterprise Systems e-Learning Club (ESeC) was launched at the College of Business to provide a flexible learning platform and reach out to more students. In Fall 2022, Dr. Leon Chan joined the faculty advisory team.

About ten different FCB courses have integrated various degrees of enterprise technologies into the curriculum. Each semester, 750~1200 students enrolled in the courses and over 100 students registered at ESeC. The technologies utilized in classes include SAP ERP, SAP Analytic Cloud, and ERPSim.

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Leon Chan
Accounting Information Systems
Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy
Dr. Y. Helio Yang
Operations and Supply Chain Management
Management Information Systems Department


    Enterprise Systems e-Learning Club offers two types of certificates through hands-on assignments running on SAP systems.

    Level 1 Certificate: Integrated Business Processes

    To earn the Level I Certificate, students work on a case study and complete assignments on procurement, production, sales, financial accounting, controlling, and human capital management. Estimated time to complete all assignments is between 15 to 20 hours.

    Level 2 Certificate: Configuration

    To earn the Level II Certificate, students work on a bottom up configuration case. Students complete the configuration of the FI, PP, MM, CO, and SD modules. Students follow the guided exercises to configure the specific elements of organizational structure, master data, and business rules for each module in a specified order. Estimated time to complete all assignments is between 40 to 60 hours. 

    SAP Award & Qualified Courses

      San Diego State University and the SAP University Alliances (UA) are teamed up to provide the opportunity to earn the SAP UA Student Recognition Award. The award recognizes those students who have successfully completed three or more courses with significant SAP content. Successful completion is demonstrated by earning a B or better in designated courses or getting signed off on a complete ESeC SAP assignment set.

      Currently, the list of qualified courses are:

      • ACCTG 202 - Managerial Accounting (Fall and Spring semester only)
      • ACCTG 432 - Cost Management (Chan & Zhou)
      • ACCTG 673 - AIS Development (Hayes)
      • ACCTG 790 - Analytics in Accounting (Xia)
      • MIS 305 - Business Processes, ERP, and Analytics (Nitsch)
      • MIS 752 - Seminar in Supply Chain & ERP (Oza)
      • ESeC FlyAKite Complete Exercise Set
      • ESeC Quazi Computers Complete Exercise Set

      If you believe that you qualify for the award, please contact [email protected] one month before the last day of classes in each semester.

      ISA students with Chang

      Join Enterprise Systems e-Learning Club (ESeC)

      Students need to register to become a member of ESeC. The registration opens during the first two weeks of the Spring and Fall semesters. Students will need to re-register each semester.

      View the Registration Flyer during the registration period. For questions, please email [email protected].