Wendy Gillespie Center for Advancing Global Business

The Wendy Gillespie Center for Advancing for Global Business (WGCAGB) was founded in 2019 with the purpose of expanding international curriculum, research, and engagement between academia and global organizations.



CEEC 2024- Empower

Join SDSU's Wendy Gillespie Center for Advancing Global Business and the Lavin Entrepreneurship Center as they bring together leading educators and researchers in the field of entrepreneurship.

Date: April 17-20, 2024 
Location: Parma Payne Goodall Alumni Center, San Diego State University                                                                                            

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Cross Border Consulting (CBC) program available for MBA, MSA, MSIS students

Participate on an internationally-focused consulting team with students from CETYS (Mexico), San Diego State University, University of California San Diego, and University of San Diego during the spring semester of 2024. This opportunity is available to full-time and part-time MBA, MSA, and MSIS students in the final year of their program.

Application for graduate students opens on October 1, 2023, and closes on November 30, 2023.


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Cross Border Consulting Flyer

Cross Border Consulting
Cross Border Consulting Testimonial

If you would like to learn more about the Cross Border Consulting program, each link below will direct you to a YouTube playlist. 

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For additional information, please contact: 
Nancy Nicholson, [email protected] 

The Wendy Gillespie Center for Advancing Global Business has been instrumental in the development of the new Master of Science in Global Business Development (MSGBD) degree. By exposing students to a unique mix of courses and real-life projects, culminating in a consulting assignment abroad, this exciting new degree positions its graduates for a successful career in international business development and sales.

Learn More about MSGBD

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Course Description:

In the increasingly interconnected world, geopolitical events, trade policy, natural disasters, and public perception have a powerful impact on a firm’s success. Business leaders need to be aware of, and anticipate, the consequences of world events and understand the interface between business and the political environment. Through a series of seminars, exercises, and discussions, students in this course will be exposed to key concepts of political and economic diplomacy and their influence on the operations of businesses. Experts in the field of international business, diplomacy, and trade will provide their insight through weekly discussions.

When: Thursdays, 4:00 - 6:40 pm


  • Consent of department Chair.
  • Must be a Junior, Senior, or Graduate student

Completion of this course will enable students to:

  • Explain and interpret the key concepts in both international business and diplomacy
  • Identify the political and societal events that affect the operations of a firm
  • Evaluate how different factors (economic, political and cultural) and contexts influence the diplomatic process and outcomes
  • Discuss foreign policy objectives of different administrations through historic examples

For more information, please contact: Nancy Nicholson- [email protected]

Cross Border Consulting

International Entrepreneurship Scholars 

ie-scholars.net is a virtual community that supports International Entrepreneurship (IE) research and education by sharing resources, expertise and knowledge on a global scale. Our hope is that this community will accelerate the development of ideas and approaches to key theoretical, methodological and conceptual issues in this emerging area of study.

We have three types of community building activities: 1) Fostering and accelerating IE research; 2) IE knowledge mobilization and dissemination; and 3) IE community growth and enhancement.

The membership of ie-scholars.net is truly international: over 750 members in nearly 68 countries.  Most members are affiliated with an academic institution, either as faculty members or graduate students.

Membership is free and we warmly welcome you to join.

Annual McGill Conference
Following the tradition established by the inaugural conference held at McGill University (Montreal) in 1998, the annual McGill IE Conference brings together academic scholars, practitioners and policy makers to discuss the potent forces and influences, consequent changes and the dominant pattern(s) of emerging developments in IE.

The annual conference rotates from McGill every second year, and has been held in (e.g.) Finland, Italy, Scotland, Denmark, Chile, UK, Ireland and UAE. The 2018 conference was held in Halmstad University, Sweden.

IE Journal
The Journal of International Entrepreneurship fills the need for a journal dedicated to international issues in the context of entrepreneurship. It offers an outlet for high quality research addressing the opportunities and challenges intrinsic to the field.

Take BA 795/794 in San José, Costa Rica: May 2023

May 15-19, 2023, San José, Costa Rica

Apply Here

About the class:
Led by Prof. Musteen, the BA 794 class will take place in Summer 2023 (May-July) with a required trip to San José, Costa Rica and DICOMA, May 15-19, 2023. 

About the client: DICOMA is a integrated consulting, machinery, construction, refrigeration and renewable energy services company with a presence in all of Central America. 

BA 794 tuition
Round trip to San José (financial assistance available)
Most in-country cost (lodging/transportation/some meals) covered by SDSU WGCAGB

Why go?

  • Work on an exciting BA 794 consulting project 
  • Gain international experience  
  • Travel to San José, Costa Rica to meet the client 
  • Sharpen your consulting and cross-cultural skills 
  • Opportunity to interact with top executives 

For more information & questions, please contact Prof. Martina Musteen ([email protected]).

Wendy Gillespie Center for Advancing Global Business (WGCAGB)

Position: Administration, Research and Operations Intern
Reports to: WGCAGB Intern Program Director
Purpose: To provide research and administrative support on projects.
Unpaid Internship: Minimum of six months (negotiable)

  1. Undertake research projects; write reports and recommendations on the information found. 
  2. Create promotional material and draft marketing letters. Assist with mailings. 
  3. Handle incoming calls in a helpful, friendly and professional manner for CAGB staff in their absence, asking inquirers to communicate their request in writing, taking messages, offering assistance and taking follow-up action to secure the necessary information for the caller when possible. 
  4. Correspond with vendors and respond to inquiries. 
  5. Sort and match staff expense reports and check requests. 
  6. Compile documentation for CAGB programs to increase knowledge about international business in education and research.
  7. Undertake research and database building as needed for the development of CAGB programs.
  8. Assist with events: facilitate photographs, blogging, social media, event set-up and cleanup.
  9. Assist CAGB staff on special projects as needed or any other duties as required to further CAGB programs. 


  • Detail oriented, able to learn quickly and work independently. Strong communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Office; to include production of required Power Points for speeches and presentations.
  • Basic knowledge of letter and email writing procedures. 
  • Fluency in English, with strong oral and writing skills. 
  • Foreign language not required, but preferred. 

Please send your resume and cover letter to Ms. Nancy Nicholson ([email protected]) to apply.

Grant for International Business Research Projects

San Diego State University's Center for International Business Education and Research (SDSU CIBER) continues to support international business education and research across the entire University community and is pleased to announce its Annual Faculty Grant Program. While SDSU CIBER is located in the Fowler College of Business, it seeks to promote international business education and research throughout the university. SDSU CIBER seeks to support projects that focus on: applied research on global competitiveness of U.S. businesses; curriculum and pedagogical tool development for teaching IB; strengthening less commonly taught languages for the professions; interdisciplinary studies of U.S. competitiveness in global markets.  International Business (IB) Research is defined as scholarly investigation and/or analysis of a subject that is concerned with firm-level business activity that crosses national boundaries or is conducted in a location other than the firm's home country.  Also, IB research is concerned with comparative business studies as well as the interrelationship between the operations of the business firm and international or foreign environments in which the firm operates. 

The general conditions for the grants are:  
  • All tenured, tenure-track, and full-time SDSU faculty are eligible to participate
  • Awards may be used for stipends, travel, graduate assistants, data, and research support (excluding equipment)
  • Proposals are encouraged for any amount up to $10,000
  • Multi-year projects which have an extensive scope are also encouraged
  • All proposals will be reviewed irrespective of the budget
  • CIBER will accept application on a year-round basis
  • Reviews will be completed within 4 weeks after the application is received
  • Applications which do not meet the mandate of CIBER will be returned without review

SDSU CIBER will continue to support its Faculty Award Program by allocating funds for high-quality international business, language, culture research. Any topic and pedagogy which address CIBER's objectives will be reviewed. 

CIBER will use a rigorous selection procedure and a stringent accountability model. Competition for the research awards will be announced to the entire campus community. All proposals will be reviewed, with input from experts on the subject matter within SDSU (where possible). Successful applicants will receive funding through a three-tired approach beginning with: 1) project initiation; 2) an accepted SDSU CIBER working paper; and finally, 3) publication in a journal or scholarly book with an international business theme. 

Evaluation Criteria for Faculty Awards
The following criteria will be used to evaluate all proposals:

  1. Relevance of the proposal to the objectives of the CIBER program;

  2. Clarity of writing;

  3. Quality of the method and analytic approach;

  4. Potential for publication in a referred journal (or equivalent).

All CIBER award proposals must contain:

  1. an abstract;

  2. a budget (CIBER reserves the right to re-negotiate the budget of a successful application);

  3. a timeline; 

  4. a current vita.

Research- related funding proposals must also contain:

  1. a brief literature review;

  2. a description of the research methodology;

  3. a proposed publication outlet.

Study/Travel funding proposals must also contain:

  1. the goal of the project;

  2. a detailed description of the project;

  3. the anticipated benefits to teaching effectiveness (in international business);

  4. a letter of support from the department chair confirming the benefits of the program for teaching effectiveness. 

Please submit your proposal to Mark J. Ballam, Managing Director. Email: [email protected], SDSU Mail Code: 8230, Phone: 619-594-3947

About Us

Mission Statement

Through the Center, San Diego State University and the Fowler College of Business are positioned as thought leaders in promoting international dialogue in the global marketplace. CAGB has its roots in its Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), which since 1989 has been at the forefront of understanding companies' international needs.

Our Mission
To be the catalyst for global thought leadership by connecting academia with international commerce.

Our Vision
Be a Global Leader and Catalyst for Excellence, Innovation and Collaboration in International Business, Education and Research

Our Values
Integrity and Ethics, Diversity and Inclusion, Servant Leadership & Respect

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SVP, Head of Global Marketing & Communications, Retired

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Assistant Minister of Commerce 
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Chief Executive Officer
Kendal Floral Supply
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President and CEO
Zenaida Global
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President & CEO
Frontier Trading, Inc. and Starhawk Productions
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Managing Partner, Retired 
Deloitte Consulting
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Director of Client Engagement
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Chief Executive
General Atomics Global Corporation
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Senior Vice President
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
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Vice President, Controller
Sempra Infrastructure
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Todd Stanley

Chief Operating Officer


Meet our Alumni

"Enhanced by diverse projects and co-associates of varying academic and cultural backgrounds, the Center helped strengthen and develop a variety of skills, both "hard" and "soft". On the technical side, the most valuable things were learning WordPress, mastering Excel, exploring Tableau, and even picking up some Python." Katya Ghosh

"My biggest take-away from my experience would have to be my new found confidence in approaching people and businesses. This was really important for me, as I began my career because I am now much more comfortable in communicating with people in the business environment." Brady O'Brien

"My most memorable take-away would be learning how to manage many projects occurring simultaneously and also collaborating with other interns to accomplish large projects with professionalism and efficiency. This type of experience and setting is not one that can be found in our typical university classes."  Michael Loi

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