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The Master of Science Degree in Global Business Development (MSGBD) is a one-year long program, intended for those who seek to establish or accelerate a career in international business with an emphasis on global sales and business development. The program graduates gain a solid understanding of the global business environment, a specialized skillset related to international sales, entrepreneurial mindset and the ability to deliver data-driven solutions to grow business internationally. Designed for a maximum exposure to business development practices in various industry sectors, the program is heavily project-focused. Through out the course of the program, students obtain real-world, hands-on knowledge by engaging in three semester-long consulting projects and sharpen analytical skills by learning from over 30 case studies.

MSGBD graduates are expected to pursue careers in the area of international business development, sales and key account management. Additionally, the entrepreneurial perspective cultivated in the program will also position candidates to start businesses focused on foreign markets. The program requires the students to engage in an international consulting project that takes place, in part, abroad.

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Global Business Development Curriculum

  • BA 640: Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • BA 642: Statistics
  • BA 645: Marketing
  • BA 674: Financial Management
  • BA 673: Organizational Behavior
Undergraduate equivalents of the courses above generally satisfy the prerequisite requirements. Please inquire with the Graduate Office. 
  • BA 672: Managerial Marketing
  • BA 676: Strategic Thinking
  • MGT 710: Seminar in World Business Environment
  • FIN 654: Seminar in International Business Finance
  • MGT 748: International Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • MKTG 763: Seminar in Sales Management
  • MKTG 767: Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • MKTG 769: Seminar in International Marketing
  • MIS 753: Global Supply Chain Management
  • MIS 697: Project Planning and Development
  • FIN 659: Decision Making in the World Economy
  • MKTG 772: Strategic Brand Management
  • JMS 574: International Advertising
  • BA 794: International Business Development Practicum

Resources for Current Students

San Diego: A Global Hub

San Diego is an excellent place to study global business. The second-largest city in Southern California, San Diego is a major global business hub and home to a number of globally competitive industries such as life sciences and biotech, medical devices, and cybersecurity.

San Diego Bay

Located just miles from the Mexican border, San Diego is a dynamic center of the Cali-Baja mega-region that has been attracting global business by way of foreign direct investment and top talent for decades. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, San Diego boasts miles of beaches, proximity to ski resorts and a thriving cosmopolitan culture.

San Diego State University is the largest university in San Diego supporting 123 years of achievement in education, research, and service. SDSU’s Fowler College of Business, one of seven SDSU academic colleges, has a 20+ year-long tradition of providing top quality international business education. Its undergraduate International Business (IB) program, offered jointly with the College of Arts Letters, is ranked #4 among U.S. public universities according to U.S. News & World Report (2021). Its Center for Advancing Global Business (CAGB) has been designated as a National Center of Excellence since 1989.

Project-Based Learning

The M.S. in Global Business Development (MSGBD) culminates in a capstone International Business Development Practicum (IBDP) which consists of a summer-long assignment that begins with a visit to a client company in another country.

Group Speaking

Working with the executives to scope the project and learning about its operations, products and strategy on location, students are tasked to develop a detailed business development plan integrating and implementing in practice the knowledge they have gained throughout the program. Besides honing cross-cultural competencies and an entrepreneurial mindset, the project demands extensive data collection and analysis culminating in a professional presentation.

Brendan Murphy
We feel better equipped to handle international expansion thanks to our experience with this class project.
Brendan Murphy Vice President, Business Development, Amavara Skincare
Michael Scott
Having a team of high-achieving, business-focused professionals assist us with business objectives has been immensely valuable.
Michael Scott CEO, Hunter Safety Lab, New Zealand
Helen Joronen
I will be recommending this program to all my peers. The work of your team will have a positive and lasting impact on our business.
Helen Joronen CEO, Greenkeeper Systems, New Zealand


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