B.A./M.S. 4+1 Degree in International Business and Global Business Development

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The BMGBD provides high-performing International Business (IB) majors the opportunity to complete their Bachelor of Arts in IB and a Master of Science in Global Business Development (GBD) in five years. The program is designed for those seeking to start and accelerate careers related to international business development and sales across a wide variety of industry sectors.



Students who choose the BMGBD program will begin the MS part of the program in the final semester of their senior year by taking two graduate courses. Three graduate courses (BA 676, FIN 654 and MKTG 769) will substitute for three required undergraduate courses (MGT 405, FIN 329, and BA 376). In the 5th year of this option students will complete the remainder of the MS degree requirements.



Before you apply for the BMGBD program, please be advised that this program is unique. It is a combined BAMS program, and students must successfully complete 150 units to be awarded simultaneously, the B.A. degree in International Business, and then the M.S. degree in Global Business Development. Students must apply and be admitted to the BA/MS (4+1) program (BMGBD). For more information about the BMGBD program, please contact your International Business major advisor.


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