Supply Chain Innovation (MS)

A New STEM-designated master’s degree Program in the Fowler College of Business

*Students who are interested in an MS in Supply Chain Innovation are required to follow the same procedure for the MS in Information Systems for the Fall 2024 Admission Cycle and indicate on their Interfolio application their interest in Supply Chain.

The supply chain is critical to the success of any organization. To be the leader in the field, the program is designed to equip students with effective analytical, technological, and managerial skills. Upon successful completion of the program, students will be competent in leading organizations in developing and managing sustainable supply chain operations, making analytics-based supply chain decisions, utilizing supply chain technologies, advancing supply chain design and execution using technologies, and managing and mitigating global supply chain risks.

MS in Supply Chain Innovation (MSSCI)

  • BA 640 Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • BA 642 Statistical Analysis
  • BA 644 Operations and Supply Chain Management

*Prerequisites may be waived by the graduate advisor in the MIS department. Waivers are determined by evaluation prior course content, institution at which courses were taken, grades received, and time since courses were taken

  • MIS 697 Project Planning and Management
  • MIS 744 Supply Chain Resilience
  • MIS 752 Enterprise Resource Planning and Blockchain
  • MIS 753 Global Supply Chain Analytics
  • MIS 754 Sustainable Sourcing and Logistics

Students are encouraged to select at least one course from each emphasis below. However, students may select any mixture of courses that sum to 12 units of electives to maximize their learning experiences.

  • MIS 649 Business Analytics
  • MIS 691 Decision Support System
  • MIS 720 Electronic Business and Big Data Infrastructures
  • MIS 748 Time Series Analysis for Business Forecasting
  • MKTG 767 Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • MIS 798 Special Study in Analytics
  • MIS 515 Object-Oriented Programming for Business Applications
  • MIS 585 Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Management
  • MIS 596 Contemporary Topics in MIS
  • MIS 686 Enterprise Database Management
  • MIS 687 Secure Enterprise Networking and Mobile Technologies
  • MIS 695 Business Systems Analysis & Design
  • MIS 696 Seminar in Selected Topics
  • MIS 755 Information Systems Security Management
  • MIS 798 Special Study in Technology

Select one of the following courses:

  • MIS 790 Culminating Experience in Management Information Systems
  • BA 799A Thesis

Resources for Current and Prospective Students

Program Faculty

For questions, please contact Dr. Shin ([email protected]) or Dr. Yang ([email protected])