To be a world-class institute engaged in innovative research on diversity and inclusiveness in organizations.
The Institute for Inclusiveness & Diversity in Organizations (IIDO) is guided by a fundamental commitment to conducting innovative research that enhances understanding of diversity in organizations. We view diversity in broad terms, incorporating but not limited to age, sex, racio-ethnicity, disability, sexual orientation, culture, nationality, background, and experiences. Through partnering with the business community, we seek to provide solid, relevant, and timely research and information regarding diversity in the workplace. Such efforts are designed to facilitate a greater appreciation for the variety of people in work organizations, and their contributions to organizational effectiveness.
  1. We believe that diversity is not a problem to be managed; rather it is an opportunity to be created.
  2. We believe that only by learning how to bring together people of diverse backgrounds can organizations be equipped to fully address present and future challenges and opportunities.
  3. By engaging in high quality and innovative research, we create a knowledge base that contributes to a new understanding of work force diversity and inclusiveness.
  4. By building a diverse research community, we have the intellectual and human capital to investigate diversity through multiple perspectives.
  5. Through developing research relationships with forward-thinking organizations who embrace the value of diversity, we create opportunities for individuals, groups, and organizations to experience and benefit from a more harmonious and inclusive society.
  • Research projects with businesses for mutual benefit
  • A database for businesses to benchmark diversity issues
  • A community of scholars affiliated with the institute
  • Working paper series
  • Resource data bank (e.g., books, videos, online information) regarding diversity issues

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