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Increasing global competition requires both large and small companies to be both proactive and entrepreneurial in generating new business.

This presents a need for professionals with competencies in hard data analysis and soft skills capable of identifying and developing new opportunities in foreign markets. The Master of Science Degree in Global Business Development (MSGBD) is intended for those who seek to establish or accelerate a career in international business with an emphasis on global sales and business development. The program is designed to equip graduates with a solid understanding of the global business environment, a specialized skillset related to international sales and the ability to deliver data-driven solutions designed to grow business internationally.


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MSGBD graduates are expected to pursue careers in the area of international business development, sales and key account management. Additionally, the entrepreneurial perspective cultivated in the program will also position candidates to start businesses focused on foreign markets. The program requires the students to engage in an international consulting project that takes place, in part, abroad.

Who Hires Our Graduates?

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(Public), U.S. News & World Report - 2020
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Global Business Development Curriculum

  • BA 640: Financial Reporting and Analysis
  • BA 642: Statistics
  • BA 645: Marketing
  • BA 674: Financial Management
  • BA 673: Organizational Behavior
  • BA 672: Managerial Marketing
  • BA 676: Strategic Thinking
  • MGT 710: Seminar in World Business Environment
  • FIN 654: Seminar in International Business Finance
  • MGT 748: International Entrepreneurship & Business Development
  • MKTG 763: Seminar in Sales Management
  • MKTG 767: Sales and Marketing Analytics
  • MKTG 769: Seminar in International Marketing
  • MIS 753: Global Supply Chain Management
  • MIS 697: Project Planning and Development
  • FIN 659: Decision Making in the World Economy
  • MKTG 772: Strategic Brand Management
  • JMS 574: International Advertising
  • BA 794: International Business Development Practicum


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