Financial and Tax Planning (MSBA-FTP)

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The goal of this program is to provide the educational background for graduates to give professional financial planning services at the highest level possible.

This program provides the academic background students need to pass the examinations for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) certification, and much of the background for the CFA and Enrolled Agent professional designations. Typical length of time to complete the program is 1 to 2 years for full-time students and 2 to 3 years for part-time students.


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Who Hires Our Graduates?

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#68, U.S. News & World Report - 2020
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Financial & Tax Planning Curriculum

  • ACCT 201: Financial Accounting
  • ECON 101: Micro Economics
  • ECON 102: Macro Economics
  • ECON 201: Statistical Methods OR
    STAT 119: Elementary Stats for Business
  • ECON 320: Intermediate Economic Theory OR
    ECON 422: Business Cycles OR
    FIN 659: Decision Making in World Economy
  • BA 629: Financial Mgmt. OR
    BA 323: Fundamentals of Finance
  • FIN 240: Legal Environment of Business OR
    FIN 604: Legal Environment for Executives

Students with an undergraduate degree in business from an AACSB accredited university in the United States of America will have likely satisfied this entire set of prerequisites.

  • FIN 522: Individual Insurance Management
  • FIN 585: Seminar in Estate Planning
  • FIN 589: Personal Financial Planning
  • FIN 590: Financial Planning Practicum
  • FIN 651: Semester in Investments
  • ACCT 503: Federal Taxation of Individuals
  • FIN 652: Semester in Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management
  • ACCT 655: Tax Planning for Individuals
  • FIN 659: Decision Making in a World Economy
  • FIN 642: Financial Risk Management
  • FIN 656: Seminar in Financial Institutions
  • CSP 600A: Cross-Cultural Counseling Communication Skills
  • ACCT 620: Financial Reporting and Analysis II OR
    ACCT 663: Financial Statement Analysis
  • FIN 783: Seminar in Real Estate Investment and Development OR
    FIN 784: Seminar in Real Estate Finance and Valuation
  • ACCT 650: Accounting Research & Communications OR
    ACCT 656: Multijurisdictional Taxation
  • ACCT 503: Federal Taxation of Individuals


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