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Good business decisions require good information. The purpose of an information system is to provide management with the information that is essential to decision-making, and to assist in interpreting that information.

Students interested in using information technology and the Internet to solve business problems and in devising new and more efficient solutions, should consider a major in information systems. The major is intended to prepare students for their first job in information systems, which is normally as a systems analyst. In that job, you will study problems, design solutions and implement those solutions using information technology. The major will also prepare students for continued growth as a manager in information systems.


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Information Systems Curriculum

You must have a 2.0 average or better in the courses listed below in order to graduate. Students must also complete 9 units of upper division General Education (Explorations) and a total of 120 units for the degree.

  • ACCTG 201: Financial Accounting
  • ACCTG 202: Managerial Accounting
  • ECON 101: Principles of Economics (Macro)
  • ECON 102: Principles of Economics (Micro)
  • FIN 240: Legal Environment of Business
  • MIS 180: Principles of Information Systems
  • RWS 290: Business Communications (formerly BA 290)
  • MATH 120 or MATH 150: Calculus for Business Analysis
  • STAT 119 or ECON 201: Elementary Statistics for Business or Statistical Methods
  • BA 300: Ethical Decision Making in Business (1-unit)
  • BA 310: Foundations of Business in a Global Environment (1-unit)
  • BA 323: Fundamentals of Finance
  • BA 350: Management & Organizational Behavior
  • BA 360: Introduction to Operations & Supply Chain
    Prereq. Credit STAT119 or ECON 201. Recommended MATH 120
  • BA 370: Marketing
  • MIS 301: Statistical Analysis for Business
    Prereq. MIS 180; MATH 120; STAT 119 or ECON 201
  • MIS 306: Information Systems Analysis
    Prereq. MIS 180
  • MIS 315: Business Application Programming
    Prereq. MIS 180
  • MIS 380: Data Management Systems
    Prereq. MIS 180
  • MIS 383: Networks and Data Communications
    Prereq. MIS 180
  • MIS 481: E-Business/Web Development
    Prereq. MIS 306, 315, 380

12 units selected from:

  • MIS 305: Business Processes, ERP and Analytics
    Prereq. MIS 180
  • MIS 396W: Reporting Techniques for Business Professionals
    Prereq. RWS 290; Score of 8 or higher on WPA (minimum grade of C in RWS 280, 281 or LING 281 if WPA score was 6 or lower).
  • MIS 401: Business Intelligence and Analytics
    Prereq. 301
  • MIS 406: Information Systems Design
    MIS 306, 315, 380
  • MIS 429: Contemporary Issues in Information Systems
  • MIS 455: Digital Entrepreneurship and Innovation
    Prereq. MIS 306
  • MIS 460: Project Management
    Prereq. BA 360 (concurrent OK)
  • MIS 482: Information Technology Projects
    Prereq. 18 units in upper division MIS courses
  • MIS 492: Management of Information Systems
    Prereq. MIS 306 and 380
  • MIS 495: Management Information Systems Internship
    1-3 units (may be repeated up to 6 units), Prereq. upper division
    business major
  • MIS 515: Object-Oriented Programming for Business
    Prereq. MIS 315 or knowledge of one programming language
  • MIS 585: Fundamentals of Cybersecurity Management
    Prereq. MIS 383 or 687

Current Students: Requirements may vary based upon catalog year. For year-specific information, please visit:

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