Internships at Sempra Energy Power Learning Opportunities for Students in a New SDSU Degree Program

Sempra Energy interns/SDSU students Ishani Mattigunta, Lojeen Ragab and Jazmin BahenaOpen the image full screen.
Sempra Energy interns/SDSU students Ishani Mattigunta, Lojeen Ragab and Jazmin Bahena

Two students who are in the final stages of their B.A./M.S. in Global Business Development (BMGBD 4+1) degree program at San Diego State University and one student in SDSU’s Master of Science in Global Business Development (MSGBD) are currently participating in internships at San Diego-based Sempra Energy. Sempra Energy is a global organization which currently ranks #266 on the Fortune 500 listing.

Jazmin Bahena, Ishani Mattigunta and Lojeen Ragab first became aware of the internships with Sempra during a visit to the company’s headquarters with Fowler College of Business management professor Martina Musteen’s Seminar in World Business Environment (MGT 710) class.

The visit was prompted by an opportunity to learn more about Sempra’s role in providing global energy resources after the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The outing proved to be fortuitous since it was their interaction with company managers during the visit that led to their internships. 

“I was introduced to the person that later became my manager during the lunch break and he informed me that his department had an open position for an intern in the sustainability department,” said Bahena, the MSGBD student. “I was definitely intrigued with the idea of working for Sempra. I set up an informal meeting with the manager, submitted my application and received word soon afterward that I was accepted for the role.”

The BMGBD 4+1 program, a joint venture between SDSU’s College of Arts and Letters and the Fowler College of Business, is designed for students who seek to start and accelerate careers related to international business development. Students who choose the BMGBD 4+1 program complete their undergraduate degree in international business and begin their MSGBD program in the final semester of their senior year by taking two graduate courses. They will finish both their bachelor’s and master’s degree requirements in a total of five years, with the first cohort graduating this August. 

From left: Sempra Energy interns/SDSU students Ishani Mattigunta, Jazmin Bahena and Lojeen RagabOpen the image full screen.
From left: Sempra Energy interns/SDSU students Ishani Mattigunta, Jazmin Bahena and Lojeen Ragab

Apart from their hands-on experience at Sempra, Bahena, Ragab, Mattigunta were among the SDSU graduate students consulting with companies from New Zealand, the Czech Republic, Tunisia and Algeria that were seeking entry into the U.S. marketplace.  “The students’ final project will include travel to Romania,” said Musteen, who is also the faculty director of the Wendy Gillespie Center for Advancing Global Business. “Once they arrive, they will start working on a project with Barrier, a premier window manufacturer.” 

Before departing for Romania, the students will conclude their internship with Sempra at the end of May. 

As her internship winds down, Ragab said that her experience with the energy giant has changed her view of the industry.  “For those young people who are hesitant about applying to industries they might find intimidating, remember that your work holds the power to shape the future,” she said. “Embrace the opportunity to learn and contribute, knowing that even small steps can have a significant impact on advancing solutions to global challenges.” 

Bahena, who also had no previous experience within the energy industry said her internship provided her with the additional confidence to move forward with her career goals. “I didn’t have a background in energy or sustainability, but my willingness to step outside my comfort zone helped me realize my resilience and capability for achieving great things,” she said. “I want to encourage others to always reach for your goals, even if you feel underqualified or inexperienced – try anyway! Also, you’ll be surprised by how far kindness and curiosity can take you.”

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