Headshot of Martina Musteen

Martina Musteen, Ph.D.

Charles Hostler Professor of Global Business, Faculty Director of the Wendy Gillespie Center for Advancing Global Business

Center for Advancing Global Business,Management Department


Dr. Musteen, Charles Hostler Professor of Global Business, received her PhD from the University of Kansas and has joined the Fowler College of Business in 2006.  At SDSU, she teaches courses in international business, international entrepreneurship and business development. She has also led various workshops and studies abroad in other countries such as Mexico, China, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Israel and Taiwan. Dr. Musteen serves as a Faculty Director of the Center for Advancing Global Business (CAGB), a Senior Editor for Journal of World Business and is the Editor-in-Chief of the ie-scholars.net online academic community.

Interests: Entrepreneurship (International)  Business (International) 

International Business Opportunity Development (IBOD)

  • A collaborative consulting project involving graduate students (MBA, MSGBD) and international startups seeking to evaluate business opportunities in the U.S. market.
  • As a part of their coursework in the Seminar in International Entrepreneurship & Business Development (MGT 748), small student groups work on assessing a specific business opportunity in the U.S. market and developing an actionable recommendation for pursuing that opportunity.
  • More information about this project can be found here.

“Live Case” Project

  • As a part of their coursework in the Seminar in World Business Environment (MGT 748), small groups of graduate students (MBA, MSGBD) work on a project involving a local company seeking to initiate or expand its international presence.
  • The students engage with company’s executives to identify the relevant political, economic, cultural and competitive aspects of a prospective country-market relevant for entry/expansion. The aim is to analyze these factors and assess them in light of fit with the firm’s capabilities.  

International Business Development Practicum (IBDP)

  • The IBDP is a semester-long consulting project involving a client company located in another country.
  • As a capstone experience for the M.S. in Global Business Development (MSGBD) program (BA 794), the IBDP project demands students to apply and integrate their knowledge gained in the program, hone cross-cultural skills and master the ability to define, analyze, and solve business problems in an international setting.
  • The students are required to travel abroad to meet the client, learn about its competitive strengths and desired outcomes in order to formally scope the project. This is followed by extensive data collection and analysis culminating in detailed business development plan. 

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