IMC Research

The Centre for Integrated Marketing Communications is a resource and forum of academics that value up-to-date highly relevant research about consumer behavior and marketing topics.

The Centre houses academic leaders in the area of integrated marketing communications. Faculty includes the authors of the top IMC text in the field, as well as cutting edge researchers in the areas of non-traditional and interactive media, sales promotion, advertising, sales, branding, and transformative consumer research. 


"Advertising and Promotion – An Integrated Marketing Communications Perspective"
by George Belch, Ph.D. and Michael Belch, Ph.D.11th edition, 2018.

Advertising book

  • Has chapters on advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, the Internet including social media and mobile marketing, support media such as outdoor advertising, product placement and integration, and publicity/public relations. 
  • Emphasizes on the integration of advertising with other promotional-mix elements and the need to understand their role and overall contribution.
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