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BrightSide Produce is committed to increasing access to healthy food options in underserved communities through produce deliveries, while reducing food waste and strengthening the local food system in San Diego County.


BrightSide Produce’s vision is for everyone in San Diego County to have access to fresh affordable produce.

Three Pillars:

BrightSide Produce Increases Healthy Food Access through Produce Distribution

BrightSide Produce is Managed and Operated by San Diego State University Students

BrightSide Produce is an Established Organization in San Diego County



BrightSide Produce Increases Healthy Food Access through Produce Distribution


BrightSide Produce

San Diego Communities

The Problem: Lower-income and ethnically-diverse communities have more liquor, corner, and small food stores than supermarkets and these stores provide limited healthy food options. Unhealthy eating and household food insecurity, or lack of consistent access to nutritious, safe, and culturally-appropriate food for a healthy, active life are associated with adverse mental and physical health outcomes in children and adults. 

The Solution: BrightSide Produce developed and implemented a produce distribution service that increases produce accessibility, availability, and affordability in underserved communities by working with small and medium-sized food, corner, and liquor stores already located within and serving the communities. BrightSide Produce distributes produce to stores weekly and provides storeowners with a suite of services to ensure that they can successfully and profitably stock produce.

Map of Brightside Community Impact: BrightSide Produce delivers produce weekly to stores in National City and in the City of San Diego. As a result of Brightside Produce’s distribution to its partner stores in National City, all National City residents have access to fresh produce within a mile of their homes if they visit these stores or within a half-mile of their homes if they visit one of these stores or a supermarket or supercenter location.

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College Campuses

The Problem: Food insecurity on university campuses is a growing concern for universities. According to a study conducted for the California State University (CSU) System, approximately 24% of CSU students experience food insecurity, which translates to approximately 8,000 San Diego State University (SDSU) students.

The Solution: BrightSide is committed to increasing access to affordable fresh produce on college campuses. BrightSide Produce makes produce available on the SDSU campus through produce sales and donations and on the Imperial Valley College (IVC) campus through the delivery of pre-packaged bags of produce for distribution to students. On the SDSU Campus, BrightSide Produce is at the SDSU Farmers Market offering the SDSU community a convenient on-campus option for fresh produce. It allows SDSU community members to have access to affordable fresh fruits and vegetables while supporting deliveries of produce to underserved communities.

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BrightSide Produce is Managed and Operated by San Diego State University Students

BrightSide Produce is operated by undergraduate and graduate students at SDSU. BrightSide Produce provides students with the opportunity to have a direct impact on the local community. Students are involved in a transformational learning experience that fosters an appreciation for community needs and motivates innovative thinking to address them.

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Students who participate in BrightSide Produce activities have the opportunity to represent BrightSide Produce and provide education about food insecurity in our local communities at community events and through partnerships with local schools and non-profits.

 Students interested in joining the BrightSide Produce team can apply to the BrightSide Produce Internship Program, which is offered in the fall, spring, and summer semesters, and may be eligible to earn course credit for their participation.


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“Thanks for working with our Sustainability students. They have all had extremely positive things to say about Brightside Produce, and especially the mission to get fresh food to areas that need it.” 
-Savanna Schuermann
Sustainability Internship & International Experience Coordinator, SDSU


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BrightSide Produce is an Established Organization in San Diego County

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 Since its launch, BrightSide Produce has had a noticeable, short-term, and long-term impact in the communities it serves. It is an experienced and established organization committed to improving food access, reducing food waste, and ending hunger in San Diego. It literally increases access to healthy foods in underserved communities by delivering produce to stores weekly, reaching residents near their homes and in their communities, and improving health and wellness in communities experiencing social and health inequities.

BrightSide advances health and wellness for vulnerable populations in San Diego County by tackling food insecurity, reducing food waste, strengthening the local food system, and contributing to economic development. It has established relationships and partnerships with key non-profit and government organizations working to address food access and hunger issues in San Diego.





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