SDSU Management Interns

Now Available

Engage an SDSU Business Management Student in a Fall Internship from Late August to Early December 2021 to Further Your Goals

What's Needed

Meaningful projects with specific goals and learning outcomes - Supervision with clear direction and feedback - 120 hours of work experience over the semester to receive internship course credit - Approved project outline coordinated with the school

Benefits of Engaging an SDSU Management Intern

Gain valuable new ideas and assistance with projects from students eager to learn and contribute - Add a new recruiting source - approximately 120 management students per semester - Increase your on-campus employment brand with potential future employees - Students are highly successful at engaging and delivering on-site or virtually - Contribute to student’s professional development and career readiness

Project Examples

  • Business Development: prospecting, research, program development, lead generation
  • Marketing: website development, social media programs, content development, research
  • Human Resources: on-boarding, handbook, job description review, employee wellness programs, vendor evaluation
  • Operations: vendor research, event planning, asset review, presentation development, training plans, testing, manuals
  • Entrepreneurial Ventures: market research, modeling, crowd-funding, campaign development, strategy planning

*If your budget allows, we encourage (but do not require) employers to compensate to attract the best talent. 

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