SAP Award & Qualified Courses

San Diego State University and the SAP University Alliances (UA) are teamed up to provide the opportunity to earn the SAP UA Student Recognition Award. The award recognizes those students who have successfully completed three or more courses with significant SAP content. Successful completion is demonstrated by earning a C or better in designated courses or getting signed off on a complete ESeC SAP assignment set.

Currently, the list of qualified courses are:

  • ACCTG 333 – AIS (N. Jones)
  • ACCTG 432 – Cost Management (L. Chan)
  • ACCTG 673 – AIS Development (N. Jones)
  • ACCTG 790 – Case Studies in Accounting (N. Jones)
  • MIS 305 – Business Processes, ERP, and Analytics (R. Judge)
  • MIS 697 – Project Planning and Development (Y. H. Yang)
  • MIS 752 – Supply Chain Planning and Control (R. Judge)
  • ESeClub FlyAKite Case Study
  • ESeClub Quazi Computers Case Study

If you believe that you qualify for the award, complete the application form (docx), save it as your lastname_firstname.docx and submit it to [email protected] one month before the last day of classes in each semester