About Enterprise Systems e-Club (ESeC)

Dr. C. Janie Chang and Dr. Y. Helio Yang proposed the initiatives to incorporate and integrate enterprise systems into FCB curriculum in Fall 2010. Seed funding was granted through Fowler College of Business Grad Fees and SDSU became a member of SAP University Alliances. The first set of courses developed under the initiatives were offered in Fall 2011. 

External funding support was provided by Catherine M. Stiefel, '92 in December 2011. The fund is used to sustain the initiatives and support training for students and faculty. In Fall 2013, Nancy Jones, a certified SAP trainer with extensive experience, joined the faculty advisory team. In Fall 2014, Enterprise Systems e-Learning Club (ESeC) was launched at the College of Business to provide a flexible learning platform and reach out to more students. In Fall 2022, Dr. Leon Chan joined the faculty advisory team.

About ten different FCB courses have integrated various degrees of enterprise technologies into the curriculum. Each semester, 750~1200 students enrolled in the courses and over 100 students registered at ESeC. The technologies utilized in classes include SAP ERP, SAP Analytic Cloud, and ERPSim.