Honors Program

Fowler College of Business Honors Program

  • Opportunity to compete in the International Collegiate Business Strategy Competition (BA458)
  • Semester seminar in current issues facing business leaders
  • Recognition in CBA Honors reception and during Graduation Ceremony (blue stole)
  • Learning opportunities: guest speakers, field trips, internships, competitions, travel abroad, networking
  • Personal support from the director of the business honors program to help you succeed at the highest level.

Virtual Honors Program
Honors Program field trip to Mellennium Health (Virtually) in 2020

To develop business professionals who are aware of the current issues and problems affecting the local, national, and global business environments, and who are conscious of their social and ethical responsibility to the community and society.

Business Honors Application

Print and fill out an application, available below as a Word document. Deliver application in person, or via email to:

Contact Us

Ami Doshi, Ph.D. Director, Business Honors Program, [email protected]

Eligibility for the Program

Any of the following may determine eligibility:

  • Students with a 3.6 or higher overall GPA at the time that they declare an upper division major
  • Students who are members in good standing of the SDSU University Honors Program at the time they declare their upper division major
  • By petition

Petition Process

For students not meeting the other eligibility criteria, apply via petition for the CBA honors Program.

Application packet includes:

  1. Regular 1-page application
  2. Regular essay as described on the application (2-page typed essay describing why you want to be a part of the College Honors Program and how you believe you will benefit from it)
  3. Petition letter requesting entry to the program:
    1. Include a discussion of why you want to be in the program, what you believe you could gain from the program, and what you could contribute to the program
    2. It would be appropriate to state why you believe you would be able to perform at an honors level in upper division business courses
    3. While not making excuses, you might explain why your GPA does not meet the normal GPA requirement (i.e. high number of courses, decided to take challenging courses, other family or work responsibilities, initial start in school was poor and there is now improvement)
  4. Optional Petition Recommendation Letter. Optional letter from an instructor recommending you for the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-business majors allowed to apply for the honors program?

The Business Honors program is only for upper-division business majors who have declared a concentration, such as marketing, accounting, finance, information systems, or management.

How demanding is this program? Will it take too much time away from my regular classes?

The Business Honors program is not an overwhelming program. The students and Professor Judge meet five times a semester for an hour and a half each time. If anything, this program helps students excel in their classes because in order to continue in the program, each student must maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA. This program also helps students figure out which classes they should take and let's students interact with other business majors who might be dealing with the same issues. The list of requirements is not overwhelming and can easily be completed in the time it takes to graduate.

How do I apply for the Business Honors Program once I become an upper-division business major?

If you have the required GPA and are in upper division, or will be applying for upper division next semester, visit the Application page.

Program Requirements

Over the course of two to four semesters, students will participate in the following learning experiences:
Business Honors Seminar

Enroll in the one-unit seminar each semester. Prepare an Honors Seminar Report each semester demonstrating knowledge about the problems and issues affecting our local, regional, national, and global business environments. 

General Education (GE) Explorations

Prepare a report for the three upper division GE courses (humanities, social/behavioral, math/science) making linkages between the course's content and the business arena (for example, specify how the material in the course could be useful in a business context, or explain how regulatory and business factors affect that discipline, or provide examples of current business problems related to that area and business methods that could be used to address problems).


Participate in a leadership capacity for an organization, such as a student group, student government, local government, political parties, civic organizations, or community activities, events, or organizations. 

Service Learning and Social/Community Welfare

Participate in an organization for the purpose of improving social/community welfare by applying business and leadership skills. Examples include: VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), service learning courses/assignments, various community charitable and social welfare organizations. Campus resources to help identify opportunities are available at Student Affairs. 

Academic Responsibility

Represent the college or university in an academic competition, intercollegiate academic forum, community event, or similar activity.

Participate in and prepare a report(s) for each of the following:

Business Internship

Participate in one business internship. 

Professional Meetings

Participate in your professional discipline by attending two professional meetings.

Field Trip

Participate in at least one field trip.

Participate in and prepare a report on two personal improvement activities/courses. Campus examples include leadership offerings by the Office of Student Life and Development (SSW 1602) and various short noncredit workshops offered by Counseling and Psychological Services. Off campus activities also are acceptable.

Complete a Portfolium portfolio documenting and demonstrating each of your learning experiences throughout the program.

At a minimum, the portfolio will include:
  • A business honors seminar report for each semester enrolled in the program
  • 3 general education reports
  • 3 community involvement reports
  • 1 business internship report
  • 2 professional meeting reports
  • 1 business honors field trip report
  • 2 improvement activity reports

Other Requirements

Seminar Requirements

Each student must enroll in a one unit seminar (BA 400) during the semester. Seminars are held on five scheduled days from 4:00 to 6:00 each semester. The day of the semester may change from semester to semester. Before enrolling, students need to get an access code directly from the director.

Semester GPA Requirements

To maintain good standing a 3.0 is required in each semester of upper division. Students who do not receive a 3.0 will be placed on probation and given the opportunity to improve their GPA during the following semester. Students on probation forego the book scholarship.

Scholarship Restrictions

Students must be enrolled in 12 units of coursework for the full $100 book scholarship. If taking 9-11 units, the amount is $75. If taking 6-8 units, the amount is $50. The scholarship paperwork is not processed until after the campus drop/add date for the semester. Students must be current in seminar coursework by the date indicated in the syllabus. In certain cases, it will need to be coordinated with other financial aid awards. Students on probation forego the $100 book scholarship.

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