Student Organization Spotlight: Business for Social Good

December 16, 2021
Tiare Secrest, President of Business for Social Good.

Tiare Secrest, President of Business for Social Good.

As the first semester of the 2021-2022 academic year comes to an end, the Fowler College of Business is highlighting Business for Social Good (BSG), a student organization that is making a difference both on campus and in the local community. Business for Social Good is hosting virtual general body meetings where they invite guest speakers, host events, and provide various student volunteer opportunities. Tiare Secrest (Junior, Business Administration), President of Business for Social Good, describes her favorite SDSU memory, the best piece of advice she’s received, and more! 

About Business for Social Good

Q: What are the goals of your organization? 

Our top three goals are to create connections, provide opportunities and build a community of like-minded students. 

Q: Why should students join your organization? 

Students should join our organization if they are interested in sustainability, nonprofits, volunteer opportunities as well as giving back to the community as a whole. Anyone who wants to learn more about local organizations focused on social good would definitely benefit from hearing from our speakers. 

Q: What events, gatherings, and activities does your organization host? 

We are currently working on organizing the Better Business Event with Professor Cornelis next semester! 

Q: When does your organization meet? 

We meet over Zoom every other Tuesday at 5 pm PST. 

Q: How does your organization connect with the community outside of SDSU? 

We reach out to and work with local businesses that focus on sustainability and social good. Many of these businesses present during our club meetings and discuss their mission, value, and goals of their company. We are always looking for local volunteer opportunities with these organizations as well. 

Q: How can a student get involved with your organization? 

Students can get involved with BSG by attending our club meetings as well as getting involved with the volunteer opportunities offered by our speakers! Students can also join our GroupMe to get updates on our meetings and upcoming speakers. 

Q: What are your organization’s social media handles? 

Instagram: @bsgsdu 

Facebook: @bsgsdsu 

LinkedIn: Business for Social Good SDSU 

Q & A with Business for Social Good President, Tiare Secrest

Name: Tiare Secrest

Major: Management

Q: As a student leader involved with an organization at SDSU, can you share why you got involved and what your experience has been like so far? 

I got involved as a student leader for BSG because the club’s mission really impacted me. I loved community service and working with local organizations during high school, both of which this club focuses on. Sustainability and bettering our community/environment are strong values of mine, so I wanted to use my leadership role to expand that idea. 

This semester, Home Start was a guest speaker at one of Business for Social Good's meetings.

This semester, Home Start was a guest speaker at one of Business for Social Good's meetings.

Q: Are you involved in any other organizations on campus? 

Yes! I am an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta on campus. I have really enjoyed being a part of that sorority and being surrounded by such driven and motivating sisters. I also recently became a club member of the SDSU Project Sunshine Club. 

Q: What experience with your organization has been the most impactful so far? 

Reaching out to local businesses and listening to their presentations has definitely been the most impactful experience for me. There are so many amazing organizations within San Diego that strive to leave a positive impact in our community so learning more about each one has been really inspiring. 

Q: What has been your favorite event you’ve attended at SDSU? Why? 

I really enjoyed the Student Involvement Expo on campus! SDSU has a multitude of student-run organizations and opportunities to get more involved on campus. I learned about numerous clubs with similar values to BSG that I joined as soon as I heard about them. I think this event is a great way to meet new people who share the same interests and goals as you. 

Q: Why is getting involved on campus important to you? 

Getting involved on campus has opened loads of opportunities and connections that I wouldn’t have known about if I had not taken the leap. I decided to step out of my own comfort zone and apply for a position in Business for Social Good as I knew a couple of other thetas were a part of the club. I ended up being offered the president position by last year’s executives, one of which was a theta as well! I thoroughly enjoy making new connections each time I get involved with any on-campus organizations. I have had the best time at SDSU and want others to experience that too. 

Q: What is the best advice you have received during your time at SDSU? 

Be present and always make time for yourself. As a current student, I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed with school, work, and your personal life. But, remaining in the present moment can help keep you grounded. Recognizing what you do have and the little things that make you happy can go a long way. Along with that, scheduling time in your schedule to take a mental health break is a necessity. 

Q: What is the best advice you have for future Fowler College of Business students? 

Take summer courses! Whether at San Diego State or your local community colleges. Getting a few courses finished each summer really helped me get ahead in earning my degree and lessen my course-load during my junior year. 

Q: Are you involved in any internship opportunities? 

Not at the moment but I was involved in high school and really enjoyed it. 

Business for Social Good's 2021-2022 Executive Board.

Business for Social Good's 2021-2022 Executive Board.

Q: What are your plans following graduation? 

I am planning on working on getting my Master of Business Administration degree once I graduate from San Diego State. Hopefully I will be able to earn a master’s degree here too! 

Q: What career aspirations do you have following your time at SDSU? 

I am really hoping to work with nonprofits. I don’t have a specific career path at the moment, but I am looking forward to learning about the numerous fields within the business world that I can have an impact on. 

Q: Anything else you’d like to add about your time at SDSU/experience in your organization. 

I truly believe that you get out what you put in. If you want to get more involved whether as just a member or even a leadership role in any SDSU organization, do it! Make the most out of these four years :) 

Q: Pancakes or waffles? Waffles (with chocolate chips of course) 

Q: Favorite band? I don’t have a specific favorite band but I have some favorite artists (John Mayer, Ariana Grande, Olivia Rodrigo, and Daniel Caesar) 

Q: Instagram or TikTok? TikTok! 

Q: Horror or comedy movie? Comedy movies for sure but I’m a sucker for romcoms any day. 

Q: Sunset Cliffs or La Jolla? La Jolla! I’m very grateful to be able to call it my hometown. 

Q: Pancho’s or Trujillo’s? Trujillo’s 

Q: Fun Fact? I work at a coffee shop even though I don’t like coffee lol (I love matcha though!) 

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