SDSU Benefactor Endowment to Honor Fellow Fowler Lecturers

November 30, 2021
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Each recipient of the Glazer Outstanding Lecturer Fellowship receives a commemorative plaque.

Jeff Glazer’s ties to San Diego State University run deep and he’s touched the lives of many students, faculty members and administrators over the past 40 years. 

Glazer began his affiliation as a graduate student in the Fowler College of Business, where he earned his MBA in 1981. In the years since then, Glazer funded and helped to establish SDSU’s Jeffrey W. Glazer Center for Leadership and Service in 2015 and was honored as the recipient of the Distinguished University Service Award during the 2008 SDSU Alumni Awards of Distinction. He’s also served on numerous university boards and committees, including as a board member at the Campanile Foundation, the university’s philanthropic organization.

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From left: SDSU president Adela de la Torre, William Sannwald, Lois Olson, Jeff Glazer, Nancy Jones, Frank Ryan Not pictured: Kelly Shaul

However, it was Glazer’s career as a finance lecturer — and later, a management lecturer — in the Fowler College of Business for over four decades that prompted his commitment to honoring some of the college’s best instructors through the Glazer Outstanding Lecturer Fellowship Endowment. Glazer, now retired from teaching at SDSU, established the endowment during the fall of 2021 to “recognize teaching excellence and service to the students in the Fowler College of Business.”

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Jeff Glazer was a lecturer at the Fowler College of Business for 40 years.

The five recipients of the inaugural Glazer Outstanding Lecturer Fellowship Endowment representing each department within the Fowler College of Business were recently selected by a panel of deans and directors within the college. The recipients for the 2021 award are:

  • Nancy Jones (accounting)
  • Lois Olson (marketing)
  • Frank Ryan (finance)
  • William Sannwald (management)
  • Kelly Shaul (management information systems)
Jeff Glazer and daughter

Jeff Glazer and his daughter during an alumni event in 1984.

The five awardees were honored during a reception hosted by SDSU’s president, Adela de la Torre, on November 4, 2021. Each of the recipients received a commemorative plaque, a salary supplement, and additional funding to support their professional development activities. 

“There are approximately 525 lecturers at SDSU and 890 (tenure/tenure track) faculty members, so about 37% (are lecturers), but yet they teach about 58% of the classes,” said Glazer during the reception. He went on to say that many former SDSU students remember their lecturers fondly and were frequently inspired by lecturers who “made a difference in their careers”. 

The Glazer Outstanding Lecturer Fellowship Endowment awards are slated to be distributed every two years and nominations for the award can be submitted by SDSU faculty members or SDSU students “because, really, it’s the students that know who the great instructors are,” said Glazer.

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