Headshot of Andrew Baker

Andrew Baker, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Marketing Department,Sports MBA Program


Andrew Baker, Ph.D. (Georgia State University, 2011) is an associate professor of marketing.  Dr. Baker has published in top academic marketing journals like the Journal of Marketing ResearchInternational Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of Business Research, and Journal of Consumer Affairs, and he has published cross-disciplinary research in journals like the Journal of Economic Psychology.  His research has advanced marketers’ understanding of how word-of-mouth spreads and influences consumers and how marketing impacts consumer well-being. He is interested in the intersection between marketing and societal change.  As an educator, Dr. Baker is passionate about enhancing the data literacy of students to empower them to make clear, well-reasoned business decisions, and he loves teaching marketing research and marketing analytics.

Interests: Marketing (New Media)  Product (Branding)  Marketing (Research) 

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