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Welcome! Explore all the opportunities to become globally-conscious Business leaders while progressing towards your degree.

Business is Local and Global

We educate, engage, and empower undergraduate and graduate students to be effective business professionals through educational programs that reflect the international, entrepreneurial, and diverse character of our region.

Fowler Study Abroad Checklist for Success

Checklist of action items for planning your study abroad experience.

International Programs 101 (video)

10-minute tutorial of how to get started with searching for international programs and how to navigate this site efficiently.

Students may apply for partner programs and SDSU Exchange, ISEP Exchange/Direct, and partner programs on Aztecs Abroad. 

Due to the disparate impact of the COVID-19 worldwide, students are encouraged to remain flexible and have a contingency plan just in case programs are postponed, cancelled, and/or changed to virtual formats at later date. Students should not book any accommodations or flights until they have received confirmation regarding their onsite program.

Fowler College of Business Course Articulation sheets

These sheets show the transferable courses with each partner program.  Courses abroad are not guaranteed as course offerings change every semester, but the International Programs Coordinator advises and facilitates alternatives prior to and once students are in country.

Curated list of Undergraduate International Programs by Major

The following list is not comprehensive - students may also search for programs on their own by selecting their "Field of Study" using the Advanced Search function on Aztecs Abroad.

Students are advised to select universities where they can enroll in at least 12 units per semester (and have two-three alternates per course). Note the Program type and Chances of Placement listed on Aztecs Abroad.  Programs vary with regards to credit type; financial aid and scholarships eligibility, and available spaces.

The following show preapproved courses for each program. Courses abroad are NOT GUARANTEED as course offerings are likely to change every semester.  

*Unlike other Business majors, Accounting majors are recommended to study abroad prior to any semester they are starting their Upper Division Major courses. 

  • Partner program at API Lorenzo De Medici, Florence, Italy
  • ISEP Direct at Yonsei University Summer and Winter School, Seoul, South Korea
  • Direct enroll at Chinese University of Hong Kong Summer and Winter School, Hong Kong, SAR
  • Direct enroll at Nanyang Technological University Summer and Winter School, Singapore
  • Direct enroll at Audencia Business Summer and Winter School, Nantes, France
  • WU Vienna University of Business and Economics Summer and Winter, Vienna, Austria



  • Students may apply for Summer 2021 partner programs, Fall semester 2021 and Spring semester 2022 SDSU Exchange, ISEP Exchange/Direct and partner programs on Aztecs Abroad. However, students are encouraged to remain flexible and have a contingency plan just in case programs are postponed, cancelled, and/or changed to virtual formats at later date.
  • Students should not book any accommodations or flights until they have received confirmation regarding their onsite program. 
  • Summer 2021 and Winter 2022 SDSU onsite Global Seminar programs (formerly SDSU Faculty-Led programs), Course-embedded, Transborder and Academic-related travel are currently suspended.
  • For questions, reach out to the SDSU Global Education Office and Fowler International Programs Advisor ([email protected]). You may also make an appointment with Willaine and/or meet with the Global Education Office via Zoom-by Virtual walk-ins.
  • The ideal time for Business majors (except for Accounting) to study abroad for a semester or year is the first or second semester of Junior year (first year of upper division courses). Accounting Majors are encouraged to participate in a semester or year program earlier than their junior year.
  • SDSU also offers credit-bearing virtual internships, as well as non-credit bearing Volunteer and/or Service-Learning opportunities during the Winter and Summer breaks. Each program type has varied minimum eligibility requirements.
No, it is not a requirement for Fowler students to participate in an international program, but it is highly encouraged to do so! 
The Fowler Study Abroad Checklist for Success provides a timeline and the respective offices at SDSU that you will be working with closely to plan your experience.
  • Application deadlines vary by program type but in general, it is six months before the program start date.
  • For the most updated information, be sure to check the deadline as listed on the Aztecs Abroad program brochure.
  • Undergraduate students must enroll in 12 -15 units per semester abroad. Unit requirements may vary by partner university or program.
  • Graduate students must enroll in the minimum 9 units per semester abroad.


International Programs Advising

The International Programs Coordinator in the Fowler College of Business is ready to assist with preparing your for your international program.

Make an appointment with Willaine Cabal Carr

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Willaine Cabal Carr

General Business Advisor (Last Names M-Z), International Programs Coordinator
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