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The Fowler College of Business mission is: “To educate, engage and empower undergraduate and graduate students and transform them into effective business professionals. This is done by developing and delivering educational programs that reflect the international, entrepreneurial and diverse character of our region.

In light of this mission, FCB values participation in High Impact Practices (HIPs): Internships, Research, Service-Learning and Study Abroad.

Through participating in an international program, a Fowler graduate is expected to meet the following student learning outcomes:

  • Display flexibility and adaptability to a different academic culture; language; university setting, and host culture
  • Question one’s own ethnocentrism and demonstrate openness and tolerance to new ideas and ways of doing things.
  • Practice empathy for the perspectives of others
  • Empower one’s decision-making and self-confidence in the midst of uncertainty
  • Operate effectively in groups with colleagues of diverse nationalities and backgrounds


Programs by Major

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The ideal time for Fowler students to study abroad for a semester or year is the first or second semester of your junior year (first year of upper division courses). 
SDSU also offers credit-bearing faculty-led and internship short-term programs as well as non-credit bearing volunteer and/or service-learning opportunities during the Winter and Summer breaks. Each program type has varied minimum eligibility requirements.
It is not a requirement for FCB students to participate in an international program but it is highly encouraged to do so.
The Pursuing an International Experience as an FCB student handout (Link) provides a timeline and the respective offices at SDSU that you will be working with closely to plan your experience.
Begin your search and start the Advising phase on the SDSU Aztecs Abroad database. Aztecs Abroad contains all approved SDSU international program types. 
Note the Program type and Chances of Placement as programs vary with regards to credit type; financial aid and scholarships eligibility, and chances of placement.
Research the links on this website to gain an academic overview of the courses that will likely be offered abroad.
Application deadlines vary by program type. For the most updated information, be sure to check the deadline as listed on the Aztecs Abroad program brochure, as linked below.
Undergraduate students must enroll in 12 -15 units per semester abroad. Unit requirements may vary by partner university or program.
Graduate students must enroll in the minimum 9 units per semester abroad.


International Programs Advising

The International Programs Coordinator in the Fowler College of Business is ready to assist with preparing your for your international program.

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Willaine Cabal Carr

General Business Advisor (Last Names M-Z), International Programs Coordinator
[email protected]
619-594-2605 |  EBA-448