Want to become a member of iBEACON?

To become a member of iBEACON a potential candidate should submit a written statement of his/her intentions (possibly via email) to the leader of the network (Dr. Krivogorsky). Qualified candidates will have to demonstrate a strong research record in international areas of accounting, finance, corporate governance, or another business discipline. Interested applicants should send their vita and samples of representative research to Dr. Krivogorsky. Applicants should be ready to collaborate with all members of iBEACON.

To be considered for invitation prospective members should submit a portfolio that includes, but is not limited to:

  • An expression of the desire to be invited to become a member of iBEACON
  • A full vita
  • Samples of their research to-date
  • A plan for future research

Invitees will be evaluated by a Committee of at least three iBEACON members appointed by the network leader.