International Business, Economics & Accounting Collaborative Network was founded in October 2006 when Dr. Victoria Krivogorsky (SDSU, USA) initiated a research project on IFRS adoption with five international scholars from prominent European Universities. Initial international members of the project included Drs. Pascal Dumontier, Francois Aubert, Jose Luis Ucieda, Leandro Canibano, and Axel Haller. In July 2007, with financial support from SDSU CIBER, four international members of the project visited SDSU to discuss a plan for future collaboration. Dr. Gary Grudnitski (SDSU, USA) joined the project at that time. The idea to name the project iBEACON should be credited to Drs. Grudnitski and Aubert.

iBEACON was created as a center to focus on the research of broad international topics not just related to the field of accounting, as accounting is an integral part of all business transactions. We also recognize the importance of focusing on teaching of international topics by facilitating learning experiences for students and professionals in all aspects of international scholarship.

Dr. Victoria Krivogorsky became the first director of iBEACON.

iBEACON offers a unique opportunity to work collaboratively with other renowned international researchers both here in the US and abroad resulting in potentially greater notoriety for the College of Business Administration, Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy, and San Diego State University in terms of research exposure for the faculty members and an increased recognition of the SDSU, as a premier international research facility, potentially elevating the reputation of the SDSU. iBEACON will strive to become an integrative part of the College of Business Administration by establishing close relationships with all current academic units and institutes.


iBEACON seeks to be instrumental in achieving the Charles W. Lamden School of Accountancy, College of Business Administration, and SDSU goals and priorities to attain academic excellence by undertaking research that will generate both published articles and teaching tools. iBEACON seeks to take on a significant role in assisting the faculty members in their endeavours to make contributions to the few active and important research areas in the central intersection of Economics, International Accounting, Corporate Governance, and International Financial Reporting, and to align the research activities with teaching work.

iBEACON seeks to be instrumental in supporting educational needs of students by participating in developing new courses and new pedagogical methods of their delivery.

iBEACON seeks to make a contribution that will be valuable to an active research and business communities outside SDSU by organizing workshops / seminars, publishing the results of the research studies and disseminating the results of the research to the practitioners, thereby enhancing the School, the College and the University recognition as innovators and leaders in this field.

iBEACON seeks to involve students with research that is at the leading edge of business disciplines, but at the same time has realistic prospects for publication in the near rather than distant future, and that shows how research and teaching can be well integrated. The nature of some iBEACON research undertakings is the provision of rigorous underpinnings to what has hitherto been seen as largely ad hoc and practical tape spinning exercises. These undertakings therefore provide a very different kind of experience for students than the more traditional empirical studies that they are more often involved in, when working with faculty.

The combination of intellectual capital embraced by iBEACON and the distinct research environment, related to the fact that iBEACON participants remain faculty members in their countries of origin, working and teaching in renowned European Universities, creates favourable conditions for the iBEACON success.


iBEACON – International Business, Economics & Accounting Collaborative Network – is a network which unites international team of academicians in their efforts to bridge the frontiers of economics, accounting, management, and corporate governance research and education support. iBEACON stimulates and supports international interdisciplinary business research and dissemination of the resulting findings to a wide spectrum of potential audiences such as academics, students, policy makers, and professionals interested in international scholarship.

iBEACON supports the strategic vision of the College of Business Administration and SDSU "…[to] achieve high national rankings in both undergraduate and graduate education and earn a national and international reputation for excellence in research."