SDSU College of Business Toastmasters Program

Q:  What is the San Diego State University College of Business Speechcraft Program?
A:  In late summer 2012, research revealed that SDSU College of Business students didn’t interview well, lacking the ability to answer questions posed to them. The Toastmasters Speechcraft Program was mentioned as a possible solution. Within a few weeks, Toastmasters Leadership, working with the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, merged Toastmasters Speechcraft requirements with college constraints using a college course syllabus and assignment model with 8 ‘club sized’ (20 students) sessions sandwiched with two ‘large group’ sessions. The initial session is an introduction into the club model while the final large group session is a contest between the three rooms to determine the ‘Best of the Best’, and inspirational keynote speeches. Students will give two formal speeches, evaluate their classmates’ speeches and answer questions off the cuff. Graduates of the program are invited to help facilitate future sessions.

Q:  How Can I Attend?
A:  The program is open exclusively to any upper division or graduate Fowler College of Business student who completes an online application is eligible. Applications are then screened to ensure that a high quality cohort is admitted to the program.

Q:  What are the program requirements?
A: Students must commit to attending each 10 week session. Each student has a duty every week. Absences affect other students.

Q: What is time commitment of this program?
Classes meet for 10 Fridays each fall and spring semester from 1:00 – 2:30 pm. Students are required to prepare two speeches – one introducing yourself for 3 – 5 minutes, the other for 5-7 minutes answering ‘why should I hire you’ or with instructor approval, a topic of your choice.

Q: What will I get out of this program?
A:The program is designed to help Fowler College of Business students increase their interview skills. Specifics include increased comfort in speaking in front of people, practice answering questions off the cuff, and the ability to give constructive feedback. For more details, see our student testimonials here.

Q: When is the program offered?
A: The Fowler College of Business offers the course once in each fall and spring semester on Friday afternoons. There are no plans to offer the program at other days or times due to class commitments of our students.


For more information email [email protected] with Toastmasters in the subject line.