General FAQs
Online Degree Completion (BSBA)

Online Degree Completion (BSBA)

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General FAQs

Upon completion of the program a student will be awarded the same degree on-campus students receive – the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The diploma received and transcript will not distinguish that the program was completed online.
The program is structured to be flexible and convenient. It consists of courses from accounting, finance, information systems, management and marketing, the core business components. Courses are offered yearly in two of the three, 16-week terms (fall, spring and summer). These courses run in eight-week blocks, so a full-time student can take four courses each term, but focus at any given time on just two in a block. The program also accommodates students who want to take courses on a part-time basis. Although courses are expected to be completed by the end of the 8-week block in which they are offered, the program is entirely self-paced to afford a student the option of slowing down by taking a lighter course load or speeding up by taking a heavier class load.
A recommended course load averages out to just over three courses or roughly 9-units per term. At this rate, the program can be completed in six terms or two years.
Yes, although the number of upper division units a student will receive credit for depends on their equivalency and recentness. To qualify for the degree a student must complete each of the following requirements at SDSU: 1. A minimum of 30 units; 2. At least 20 of the units required for the General Business major; and 3. Nine units in General Education courses.
No, applications to the online program for a second bachelor’s degree are not being accepted at this time.
No, this is a degree completion program. No additional majors or minors are permitted.

SDSU adheres to a strict policy regarding cheating and plagiarism. Any cheating or plagiarism in a class results in failing of that class and the possibility of further disciplinary review. Students in the online program must agree that all required written submissions will be subject to review by for the detection of plagiarism. To uphold the integrity of exams and tests and level the playing field for students who fear that their classmates may be unfairly cheating to get higher grades, students in the online program must also agree to allow the use of a remote proctoring service when taking assessments.

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