Nickolas Wohlman

'20, marketing


Nickolas Wohlman at Homecoming

Instead of asking Nickolas Wohlman which SDSU clubs and organizations he’s involved in, it might be easier to ask which one’s he’s not involved in.

Wohlman, a fourth-year marketing major from Fargo, North Dakota, is currently serving as the executive vice president and chief operations officer of SDSU’s Associated Students (AS), which serves as the university’s student governing organization. In this role, he either leads or participates in numerous activities on SDSU’s campus including the Homecoming Steering Committee and Campus Life Council. He is also president of a newly-formed organization, FratMANners, which is dedicated to leading conversation around the prevention of sexual violence on the SDSU campus, primarily among men in fraternities.

While these activities alone would keep most students pretty busy, Wohlman is also active with the SDSU chapter of Rotaract, Theta Chi fraternity, the SDSU InterFraternity Council, and the Weber Honors College which is only open to a very select group of exceptional students.

To be considered for the Weber Honors College, students must maintain a 3.2 GPA, embark on a study abroad program and take courses within the college which lead to a minor in interdisciplinary studies. These courses have fewer than 25 students enrolled, leading to more interaction with faculty and classmates. Most students live on three floors of the Zura Hall dormitory which is reserved especially for them.

“I didn’t find out about the Weber Honors College until I was admitted to SDSU,” said Wohlman. “I was encouraged to apply to the college when SDSU sent me my acceptance letter and I’m glad I did. From the great friends I’ve met and the great professors that teach in the college, it’s had a profound effect on my college experience.”

Wohlman, who is planning to spend his study abroad experience in Germany, has not decided if he will pursue an MBA or join the workforce once he graduates next year. Either way, he said his “dream job would be doing marketing for a large company in the music industry or to work for Spotify.”

Ironically, when asked how he’d like to change SDSU, he said he would like to see students involved with more campus activities, but he adds “since I am working 30 – 40 hours a week (with AS) on top of all my other activities and classes, I can see where it might be hard to balance everything. But I would still like to see more students engaged in all the things SDSU has to offer.”