Student “Health Nut” Starts Company with Toxin-Free Plastics

Two of accounting senior Joshua Munoz’s many passions are business and healthy living.

His passion for business led to his decision to pursue an accounting degree at SDSU. And it’s his passion for healthy living that inspired him to establish his own fledgling business, Wellware™. "As somewhat of a health nut, when I learned about the toxicity of plastic food containers, even those touted as BPA-free, I realized there was a clear market need for plastic products that are nontoxic and won't leach chemicals into our foods and beverages, so I turned to nature for the solution,” said Munoz.

When Wellware launches, the company will offer a line of bioplastic food storage containers that are “free of any toxic leaching, which has been linked to various health problems.”

Josh holding Wellware containing fruit

Josh Munoz holds Wellware prototype

Munoz founded Wellware because there was no other product on the market like it. “After reading the latest health news about the perils of plastic toxicity, I tried to find a natural alternative, but I wasn’t pleased with the current offerings,” he said.” While I was doing some research, I ran across an article in a scientific journal on the incorporation of natural materials into various products that sparked my interest and ultimately led me to devise my own solution by starting Wellware.”

After securing patent pending status on his invention, Munoz is preparing for a crowdfunding campaign that he plans to kick off in the fall of 2018. He’s also developed the 3-D printed prototype of his design and he plans to have several viable prototypes available by the spring of 2018.

When Munoz graduates in the spring of 2018, he wants to continue to lead Wellware as the company’s CEO. “I hope to grow the business to its full potential,” said Munoz. “Wellware started with a passion to see people thrive in optimal health and I’m driven to produce products that are as healthy for us as they are for the planet.”