Jake Frank


That is the word management information systems (MIS) senior, Jake Frank, used when asked why he chose to attend San Diego State.

Frank was born in San Diego County, but when he was seven, his parents moved to a small dessert community, Yucca Valley, approximately 150 miles northeast of San Diego. But Frank was determined to move back to San Diego and realized that attending SDSU would be a good way to do that. “They took the kid out of San Diego, but they couldn’t take San Diego out of the kid,” said Frank. “San Diego State was my school of choice because of their well-established College of Business. Also, I have several successful family members who earned their degrees there. All of this cemented my desire to attend SDSU.”

During his senior year of high school, he applied to several universities, but was stunned when SDSU – his college of choice – was the only one that rejected his application. But Frank was undeterred and after two years at a local community college, he applied again. This time, his stubborn tenacity paid off with his acceptance to SDSU in the fall of 2015.

 True to his nature, he pursued that coveted business degree he wanted once he decided that information systems would be his career of choice.  “I have always enjoyed working with computers and I realized that I also had a knack for business,” he said. “Once I got to SDSU, I was introduced to the MIS program and realized it was exactly what I was looking for.”

Jake Frank

Further bolstering confirmation that he chose the right degree at the right school is his internship as an IT intern with a local electrical/solar contractor. “My support role as an intern has given me invaluable experience,” Frank noted.

As he moves toward graduation in May 2017, Frank’s ever-present drive and “stubbornness” fuels his professional objectives: “I plan to ‘pay my dues’ and get a few more years in a support role under my belt so that I can get familiar and comfortable with the industry. My goal is to learn as much as possible about the technical nature of IT and then jump into the business side of my chosen career path.”