Student Profile - Emma Henrikson

Most 4-year-olds play with building blocks.

Not Emma Henrikson. At the age of four, she started building a career as a golfer.

“I started to play golf just for fun when I was four years old,” she said. “But I got my handicap and started to get more serious when I was eight.”

At age 17, Henrikson, a native of Malmö, Sweden, was good enough to qualify for the Swedish National Team. About the same time, she chose to attend San Diego State University, which she said she selected primarily for the university’s outstanding women’s golf program.

“But I also chose San Diego State because they had a good business program,” said Henrikson, an SDSU finance major. “I heard positive things from former business students and golfers, therefore, the choice was not hard to make.”

According to accounting professor, Dr. Gary Grudnitski, Henrikson is not just an outstanding athlete, but an excellent student as well. “It constantly amazes and makes me proud of how so many of our student-athletes, like Emma, have the drive and talent to excel, not only in their sport, but also in the classroom,” he noted.

Emma Henrikson

But a career in the world of business may be a few years off. Henrikson plans to become a professional golfer and she will either golf on the Symmetra Tour or try to qualify for the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA) tour.