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Student Spotlight – Elizabeth Rourke

As a child, Elizabeth Rourke first saw lacrosse being played by her older twin brothers. “I wanted to do everything they did, so when I was in first grade, I joined a youth league and I’ve been playing ever since,” she recalled.

Today, she is still playing the game, this time as an Aztec midfielder. And it was lacrosse (and the beach) that brought Rourke to SDSU from her home in Long Island, New York. “I come from a small beach town, so going to school close to a beach was important to me,” she said. “Once I got on campus and met with the team, I felt at home and could really see myself grow.”

Rourke, a senior at SDSU, chose to major in marketing in a fairly round-about way. While she felt comfortable in math courses, she eventually eased into some lower level business courses with the idea that she could apply her math skills in those classes. “Those lower level courses opened me up to more business marketing ideas and I ended up choosing marketing as my major,” she said.

She plans to graduate in the spring of 2018 and then head back to her native New York. “I hope to find a career there where I can learn a lot as well as grow as an employee,” she said. “Over time, I hope to become a powerful boss.”

Elizabeth Rourke

Elizabeth Rourke Lacrosse