Sports Fan Connects with NBA for Internship Position

It’s the dream of many sports fans to work within the league of a professional sport.

This dream may come true for SDSU marketing senior, Alexis Ramos, who is currently involved with interviewing for a 24-month paid internship/training program with the National Basketball Association (NBA).

“I am in the first round of interviews for an associate position,” said Ramos. “As described by the league’s website, this ‘is a 24-month rotational training program that exposes recent college graduates to a wide range of NBA business activities and provides comprehensive personal development training’.”

Ramos found out about the positon while she was leading a campus tour as part of her role as an SDSU Ambassador. “The man taking the tour discussed his role in the NBA and offered to connect me to the right sources,” she said. “From there, I was connected to human resources and was fortunate to meet with the coordinator of the early career program prior to the application process. She was able to share insight about the league and the requirements of the position.”

Ramos submitted her application and was selected for the interview process that may take over three months.

“I’m currently in the first round of interviews,” reported Ramos. “If I continue on to the second round of interviews, I will do a one-on-one Skype interview with the director of the program.”

Should Ramos be invited to participate in the NBA’s associate program, it would not be the first sports internship she’s held. “I was an operations and management intern for the San Diego Sockers (of the Major Arena Soccer League)and I was fortunate enough to be able to work alongside two major sponsors of the Euro Cup event during my study aboard experience in France,” she said.

Alexis Ramos

Regardless of the outcome of the NBA interview, Ramos will still be able to pursue her passion with a sports internship: she is currently working as a marketing and operations intern with the SDSU football program.

For other students pursuing their dreams of interning in the world of sports, Ramos offers this advice: “Take risks. The industry is all about putting yourself out there and believing in your skills and talents. Just as an athlete approaches the field for a game, you should approach the industry with the same mindset.”