Quest for the Best 2018: Alex Henriques da Silva Bauerschmitt

While she was a German high school exchange student in Oregon, Alex Henriques da Silva Bauerschmitt decided she wanted to attend college in the U.S. “I was fascinated with the American people, culture, and the American way of life,” she said. “What I love most about being here is that most people I have me embrace difference.”

In 2016, Henriques da Silva Bauerschmitt, an accounting major, founded Out 4 Business, which connects students identifying at lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) with the local business community. “We started with just five executive members and we’ve added about 25 members since then,” she noted. “Out for Business is specifically looking for LGBTQ students who are business, economics, computer science, math, graphic design majors or any student who is interested in pursuing a career in business.”

Alex & Christine

 Alex Henriques da Silva Bauerschmitt (left) and Christine Probett

Along with her in involvement with Out 4 Business, the International Business Society, Student Accounting Society, Mortar Board honor society and her job as a resident advisor, Henriques da Silva Bauerschmitt can also add “Quest for the Best” to her list of SDSU activities and achievements. Each student winner is allowed to honor a faculty or staff member at the awards event and she chose one of her teachers, Christine Probett, a lecturer in the management information systems department as her honoree. “From the very first day of class, I was inspired by her accomplishments and teaching methods,” said Henriques da Silva Bauerschmitt. “She made it clear that you needed perseverance, hard work and integrity to succeed in her class – she’s awesome in all aspects.”

After she graduates in May 2018, Henriques da Silva Bauerschmitt will head to New York City where she will start her career as an associate with PwC’s banking and capital marketing group within the assurance practice.