"Registering the Brand Name in Memory Increases the Retention of Brand Information"


Advertisers understand the importance of strong brand name recognition and recall. Brand names that stand out in memory are more likely to be considered and chosen than brand names that are not. Right or wrong, consumers also ascribe high quality to well known brand names simply because they are well known. This research identifies another important benefit of brand name familiarity. Brand name registration refers to the process of imprinting a brand name into consumer memory. This research shows that if a brand name is 'registered' in memory, subsequently present information about the brand is learned and retained better than if the name is not registered. That is, evidence suggests that it is better to register the name in memory before one attempts to present information about the brand than it is to simultaneously present the brand name and product information. Apparently, the act of brand name registration creates a 'hook' in from which brand information can be hung. This finding supports the use of Internet banner advertising, transit advertising, billboards, sports endorsements, etc. as a complement to more information-oriented advertising, not just because it increases the strength of brand name recognition and recall, not just because it reinforces prior learning about the brand, but because it also makes it easier for the consumer to learn and retain new information about the brand.