Program Requirements

Over the course of two to four semesters, students will participate in the following learning experiences: 

Business Honors Seminar

Enroll in the one-unit seminar each semester. Prepare an Honors Seminar Report each semester demonstrating knowledge about the problems and issues affecting our local, regional, national, and global business environments. 

General Education (GE) Explorations

Prepare a report for the three upper division GE courses (humanities, social/behavioral, math/science) making linkages between the course's content and the business arena (for example, specify how the material in the course could be useful in a business context, or explain how regulatory and business factors affect that discipline, or provide examples of current business problems related to that area and business methods that could be used to address problems).


Participate in a leadership capacity for an organization, such as a student group, student government, local government, political parties, civic organizations, or community activities, events, or organizations. 

Service Learning and Social/Community Welfare

Participate in an organization for the purpose of improving social/community welfare by applying business and leadership skills. Examples include: VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance), service learning courses/assignments, various community charitable and social welfare organizations. Campus resources to help identify opportunities are available at Student Affairs. 

Academic Responsibility

Represent the college or university in an academic competition, intercollegiate academic forum, community event, or similar activity.

Participate in and prepare a report(s) for each of the following:

Business Internship

Participate in one business internship. 

Professional Meetings

Participate in your professional discipline by attending two professional meetings.

Field Trip

Participate in at least one field trip.

Participate in and prepare a report on two personal improvement activities/courses. Campus examples include leadership offerings by the Office of Student Life and Development (SSW 1602) and various short noncredit workshops offered by Counseling and Psychological Services. Off campus activities also are acceptable.

Complete a Portfolium portfolio documenting and demonstrating each of your learning experiences throughout the program.

At a minimum, the portfolio will include:

  • A business honors seminar report for each semester enrolled in the program
  • 3 general education reports
  • 3 community involvement reports
  • 1 business internship report
  • 2 professional meeting reports
  • 1 business honors field trip report
  • 2 improvement activity reports