Frequently Asked Questions

Are non-business majors allowed to apply for the honors program?

The Business Honors program is only for upper-division business majors who have declared a concentration, such as marketing, accounting, finance, information systems, or management.

How demanding is this program? Will it take too much time away from my regular classes?

The Business Honors program is not an overwhelming program. The students and Professor Judge meet five times a semester for an hour and a half each time. If anything, this program helps students excel in their classes because in order to continue in the program, each student must maintain a 3.0 or higher GPA. This program also helps students figure out which classes they should take and let's students interact with other business majors who might be dealing with the same issues. The list of requirements is not overwhelming and can easily be completed in the time it takes to graduate.

How do I apply for the Business Honors Program once I become an upper-division business major?

If you have the required GPA and are in upper division, or will be applying for upper division next semester, visit the Application page.