Eligibility for the Program

Any of the following may determine eligibility:

  • Students with a 3.6 or higher overall GPA at the time that they declare an upper division major
  • Students who are members in good standing of the SDSU University Honors Program at the time they declare their upper division major
  • By petition

Petition Process

For students not meeting the other eligibility criteria, apply via petition for the CBA honors Program.

Application packet includes:

  1. Regular 1-page application
  2. Regular essay as described on the application (2-page typed essay describing why you want to be a part of the College Honors Program and how you believe you will benefit from it)
  3. Petition letter requesting entry to the program:
    1. Include a discussion of why you want to be in the program, what you believe you could gain from the program, and what you could contribute to the program
    2. It would be appropriate to state why you believe you would be able to perform at an honors level in upper division business courses
    3. While not making excuses, you might explain why your GPA does not meet the normal GPA requirement (i.e. high number of courses, decided to take challenging courses, other family or work responsibilities, initial start in school was poor and there is now improvement)
  4. Optional Petition Recommendation Letter. Optional letter from an instructor recommending you for the program.