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Graduate Office

Graduate Business Office

EBA-448 |  619-594-8073 |  [email protected]
Monday-Thursday: 9:00am – 5:00pm, Friday: 9:00am – 2:00pm

The Fowler College of Business offers a variety of top ranked graduate business programs to service the needs of individuals seeking to improve their managerial and leadership skills.


Graduate Resources


Diane Coning
EBA 448, (619) 594-4188, [email protected]


Victoria Krivogorsky
SSE 2435, (619) 594-7189, [email protected]


Jaemin Kim
SSE 3412, (619) 594-2721, [email protected]

Real Estate

Andrew Do
SSE 3313, (619) 594-5324, [email protected]

Information Systems

Murray Jennex
SSE 3206, (619) 594-3734, [email protected]


Larry Rhyne
SSE 3429, (619) 594-5905, [email protected]

International Business

Massoud Saghafi
SSE 3133, (619) 594-6358, [email protected]


Martina Musteen
SSE 3302, (619) 594-8346, [email protected]

Supply Chain Management

Y. Helio Yang
SSE 3359, (619) 594-6847, [email protected]

Fred Raafat
SSE 3361, (619) 594-5685, [email protected]

Project Management

Y. Helio Yang
SSE 3359, (619) 594-6847, [email protected]

Robert Judge
SSE 3114, (619) 594-0783, [email protected]


Heather Honea
SSE 3128, (619) 594-4308, [email protected]



Janie Chang
SSE-3445, (619) 594-8383, [email protected]

Financial Reporting

Students with last names A-M
Dr. Jeff Wang
SSE 2417, (619) 594-2033, 
[email protected] 

Students with last names N-Z
Yan Luo
SSE 2415, (619) 594-1011, [email protected]


Dr. Nathan Oestreich
SSE 2413, (619) 594-3675, 
[email protected]


Management Information Systems

Murray Jennex
SSE 3206, (619) 594-3734, [email protected]


Tom Warschauer
SSE-3365, (619) 594-4354, [email protected]

Graduate Business students may potentially be eligible for academic credit by participating in select competitions.

APICS West Coast Student Case Competition

Students develop and present solutions to a supply chain problem. To get involved, please contact Dr. Y. Helio Yang.

Global Business Consulting (GBC)

Please contact Mark Ballam for more information.

Venture Capital Investment Competition (VCIC)

The nation's premiere strategy competition for venture-minded and entrepreneurial MBA students.

The ACG Cup

A case study competition designed to give students from leading MBA programs across the country real world experience and invaluable insights into mergers and acquisitions, investment banking, financial advisory and private equity. To get involved, please contact Dr. Nikhil Varaiya.

The CFA Institute Research Challenge

An annual global competition that provides university students with hands-on mentoring and intensive training in financial analysis. To get involved, please contact Dr. Mehdi Salehizadeh.

The Lavin VentureStart Competition

Designed to unify multidisciplinary students whose talents, ideas, and energy may operate tomorrow’s leading firms.

The Zahn Challenge

A yearly competition hosted by SDSU's Zahn Innovation Center. Zahn seeks innovation driven ideas or technology that can scale to address a large market opportunity.

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Graduate Bulletin

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Graduate Affairs Forms

The following forms are available from the Graduate Affairs website:

  • Petition for Adjustment of Academic Requirements
  • Request to Change Programs within the College
  • Change to a College of Business Program from an Outside Department
  • Repeat Unauthorized Withdrawal Graded Courses

Graduate Affairs Forms  

Thesis Information

Graduation Application

A Graduation Application must be completed via WebPortal by each student in the semester they anticipate graduating. Students should visit the Office of the Registrar's Apply to Graduate page for information about applying online and filing periods. There will be a nonrefundable $55 filing fee when you submit the application.



Meet the Team

Kristie Dock headshot

Kristie Dock

Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
[email protected]
619-594-6760 |  EBA-448

Steven Gill

Steven L. Gill, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Programs
[email protected]
619-594-6273 |  SSE-3435

Nancy Valentine headshot

Nancy Valentine

Administrative Support
[email protected]
619-594-1108 |  EBA-448

Diane Coning headshot

Diane Coning

Graduate Business Advisor
[email protected]
(619) 594-4188 |  EBA-448