San Diego State University's Center for International Business Education and Research (SDSU CIBER) continues to support international business education and research across the entire University community and is pleased to announce its Annual Faculty Grant Program. While SDSU CIBER located at in the Fowler College of Business, it seeks to promote international business education and research throughout the university. The general conditions for the grants are:

  • All tenured, tenure-track, and full-time SDSU faculty are eligible to participate
  • Awards may be used for stipends, travel, graduate assistants, data, and research support (excluding equipment)
  • Proposals are encouraged for any amount up to $10,000
  • Multi-year projects which have an extensive scope are also encouraged
  • All proposals will be reviewed irrespective of the budget
  • CIBER will accept application on a year-round basis
  • Reviews will be completed within 4 weeks after the application is received
  • Applications which do not meet the mandate of CIBER will be returned without review

SDSU CIBER will continue to support its Faculty Award Program by allocating funds for high-quality internationally oriented business, language, culture research. Any topic and pedagogy which address CIBER's objectives will be reviewed. A key component of the award is the promotion of research on international entrepreneurship.

CIBER will use a rigorous selection procedure and a stringent accountability model. Competition for the research awards will be announced to the entire campus community. All proposals will be reviewed, with input from experts on the subject matter within SDSU (where possible). Successful applicants will receive funding through a three-tired approach beginning with: 1) project initiation; 2) an accepted SDSU CIBER working paper; and finally, 3) publication in a journal or scholarly book with an international business theme. 

To support this high quality thematic research strategy, CIBER will sponsor a Faculty Development Initiative for Research. An internal audit indicates that there is significant interest in IB research among SDSU faculty member who are not currently doing so.  CIBER will facilitate the conversion of this interest into reality by sponsoring a forum for faculty award recipients to discuss research projects and demonstrate research design to other interested faculty as well as inviting editors from top IB journal to discuss the process of research and how to publish in their respective publications. Faculty award recipients are expected to participate in these activities which are designed to encourage top-quality thematic publishable research. 

Evaluation Criteria for Faculty Awards

The following criteria will be used to evaluate all proposals:

  1. Relevance of the proposal to the objectives of the CIBER program;

  2. Clarity of writing;

  3. Quality of the method and analytic approach;

  4. Potential for publication in a referred journal (or equivalent).

Guidelines for SDSU CIBER Award Submission

Please submit your proposal to Mark J. Ballam, Managing Director. Email: [email protected]

SDSU Mail Code: 8230, Phone: 619-594-3947

All CIBER award proposals must contain:

  1. an abstract

  2. a budget (CIBER reserves the right to re-negotiate the budget of a successful application);

  3. a timeline; 

  4. a current vita

Research- related funding proposals must also contain:

  1. a brief literature review;

  2. a description of the research methodology;

  3. a proposed publication outlet

Study/Travel funding proposals must also contain:

  1. the goal of the project;

  2. a detailed description of the project

  3. the anticipated benefits to teaching effectiveness (in international business);

  4. a letter of support from the department chair confirming the benefits of the program for teaching effectiveness. 


The CIBE Minority-Serving Institution (MSI) and Community College (CC) Consortium (CMCC) is a consortium of 9 universities across the country that are home to the Centers for International Business Education, a Title VI grant provided by the U.S. Department of Education.


As a consortium, we act as a resource multiplier in connecting schools across the CIBE network with MSIs and CCs nationwide for the purpose of internationalizing business education, thereby increasing the visibility of and access to innovative development opportunities for faculty, staff, and students.

The CMCC includes Brigham Young University, Florida International University, George Washington University, Georgia Tech, Indiana University, San Diego State University, the University of Maryland, the University of South Carolina, and the University of Washington.

The CMCC is actively seeking to support faculty, administrators, and students at MSIs and CCs across the country who aim to develop capabilities that will expand and strengthen international business education at their respective institutions or increase their own expertise in international business education.


Applying individuals must be faculty, administrators, or students of a MSI or Community College. Preference will be given to individuals who have not received CIBE-sponsored awards in the last two years.


Award Application »

Individuals must complete the application, which includes providing a detailed budget and how the award will be applied. Additionally, the applicants must propose the creation of a deliverable as part of their funding request and must explain how the deliverable relates to the funding request. These deliverables will contribute to a portal of resources that will be available to other constituents within the CIBE network. Finally, applying individuals must provide a resume and a letter of support from their Dean (faculty), supervisor (administrator), or student (advisor or faculty) of their associated school. Upon review of applications, applications that have been selected for funding will receive a notification letter that indicates the amount the CMCC has determined to allocate.


Individuals may apply for an award in increments of $500 with a maximum of $6,500. The CMCC will determine the final amount of the funding award. Participants should be aware that awards are competitive and may be less than what was requested.


Individuals may apply for an award for the following types of categories and expenses:


Examples of allowable expenses

Examples of unallowable expenses

Faculty Development in International Business

Conference/program registration, travel expenses to/from said program (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, baggage fees, costs associated with passports, port of entry visa fees, visas, international departure taxes, other*

Ground transportation for personal use, meals, tips, porterage, and other incidentals during conference/program

Scholarly Research

Purchase of database/software, materials/supplies (not to include computers or other equipment), conference registration, travel expenses for research, RA support, other*

Summer salary or other stipend for applicant

Administrative Personnel

Conference/program registration, travel expenses to/from said program (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, baggage fees, costs associated with passports, port of entry visa fees, visas, international departure taxes, other*

Ground transportation for personal use, meals, tips, porterage, and other incidentals uring conference/program


Conference/program registration, travel expenses to/from said program (airfare, ground transportation, lodging, baggage fees, costs associated with passports, port of entry visa fees, visas, international departure taxes, stipends for unpaid internships that are international in scope (domestic or international), other*

Ground transportation for personal use, meals, tips, porterage, and other incidentals during conference/program; internship stipends not provided for paid internships (verify with letter from employer)

Curriculum Development

TA or RA support, purchase of cases, faculty time, other*


Resource Development

Purchase of database, software, platforms, eportfolio, other*

Faculty time

*For questions about allowable vs. unallowable expenses, applicants should contact [email protected].


Award expenses will be paid directly to the organizing program in which the individual is participating or reimbursed to the awardee after completion of the program or project. If the applicant requires the award up front to pay for travel expenses, the applicant should indicate this in their application. Once the CMCC receives their application, the CMCC will make an informed decision based on the applicant’s need and the requirements of the CMCC.


As a condition of accepting the award, the awardee will be required to complete the following:

  1. Within four weeks of completing said program/experience, submit a two-page impact report to CIBE detailing the experience, skills, and knowledge gained.

  2. Develop deliverable within two months of experience – simulation, case, article, working paper, blog submission, or other learning tool – to be shared within CIBE network, MSI/CC community, and the general public. Deliverable will be agreed upon between individual and CMCC at the time of award notification.


  • Application deadline: Deadline for new applications will be announced soon.

  • Award announcements will be made by May 10, 2019.

  • Impact report of awardee: A month after experience/program is completed.

  • Resources in International Business: Two months after return from experience/program.

To be considered, individuals must submit a completed application, letter of support, and a resume or CV. All application materials should be sent in one e-mail message to CMCC at [email protected].