New Book Pages Posted

Full individual book pages have been posted for all books listed up to Fraud Examination by W. Steve Albrecht. All have been linked to their respective discussion board topics and have citations listed for their descriptions.


Book Pages Linked to Discussion Board

Links to related discussion board topics have been added to the individual book pages that are currently available. They are connected directly to the relevant discussion board thread and current members of the CAPI discussion board are immediately able to comment on that thread. If you are not a member please first see the "Discussion Board" page available on the left-hand side navigation bar for instructions on how to join the discussion board and how to post or respond to topics.


Individual Book Pages Added

Individual book pages have been created for several of the book listings available. Eventually we plan to have a page for every book listed containing specific information about that listing.


Book Listing Added

A listing of relevant books as well as information that should allow them to be easily located has been added. This page will still be under construction for a little while as we explore options to allow for commentary in more locations than solely the discussion board.


Discussion Board is Up

The discussion board is now up and running using Google Groups. Instructions on how to join the discussion board and participate in discussions can be found on the Discussion board link in the navigation bar on the left side of the page, as well as a link to the CAPI Discussion Board itself.


Videos Added

Two interesting videos have been added under the Videos link in the navigation bar.


New Files Uploaded

Three new pdf files have been uploaded in the Files link under the Information heading in the navigation bar. These files are from Doctor Doran, and are three examples of the Service Learning Project for Accounting 505.


Welcome to the CAPI Project

We are looking forward to developing the CAPI website to benefit students, faculty, and the SDSU community at large.