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The intent of this discussion board is to provide a forum for discussion of items posted on the Center for Accounting in the Public Interest, as well as other relevant information and current events. Explore the discussion board by clicking on the link below.

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Discussion Board Instructions

Joining the CAPI Discussion Board

Anyone can submit a topic for discussion but only members can respond to submitted topics. Joining is free and simple. To join, visit http://groups.google.com/group/capisdsu/subscribe?pli=1
or click the "Join this group" link in the navigation bar on the right side of the page. Sign in with your Google/Gmail account (one can be created for free through www.gmail.com) and then follow the on-screen instructions to join the group.

Submitting a Topic

Both members and non-members can submit a topic to the CAPI Discussion Board. To do so just e-mail your post to [email protected] from any e-mail account. The e-mail's subject line will be the title of your post and the text in the body of the e-mail will be the content of the post.

Note: Topics submitted by non-members will not show up immediately because they must be approved first by moderators.

Responding to a Topic

Only members of the discussion board can respond to posts. To respond to a discussion board post, click the title link of the topic you would like to respond to and then click "Reply". You will be provided with a text box to comment in and when you are finished just click "Send".