The Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate, The Real Estate Society of SDSU, and working real estate professionals in San Diego County have joined forces to offer you a unique opportunity: Day 1.

Day 1 consists of a series of workshops, held in the offices of various working professionals, where students can learn specific skills in the real estate realm. No lectures, no homework, no tests, no grades, no credit, no books, no tuition – just learning. Attendees get instruction from the professional on how to do a job, and then they do it. Sessions will be held once a month on a Saturday morning for 2 to 2.5 hours each. At the end of the workshop, the attendee will be able to perform a set of related tasks, and have one more contact in the industry.

You are working on your degree, but what practical skills do you have to put on your resume? Connect what is learned in the classroom to practical skill sets by participating in the Day 1 Program.


Session 1: Valuing Residential Land

September 24, 2016 from 10:00 am to Noon

Brian J. Curry, MAI, SRA, CRE

FRICS Executive Managing Director

Brian Curry is the Residential Development National Practice Leader for Cushman & Wakefield. He provides consulting and advisory services to clients, training to C&W appraisers, and quality control management of the organization’s appraisal reports. He continues to have direct hands-on activity in real estate valuation, primarily involving large or complex real estate assets.

Mr. Curry is a nationally recognized and published expert on residential development property and has taught courses for the Appraisal Institute. Mr. Curry holds the invitation-only CRE designation from The Counselors of Real Estate and the FRICS (Fellow) designation from the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. Mr. Curry graduated from Point Loma College, Magna Cum Laude.

Session Activities

  • What can one pay for this land? Start with new-home prices.
  • How much will the houses cost to build? Construct a static-residual analysis, using estimated costs for everything from architecture to sales.
  • How much should the builder make? Consider the question of profit.
  • How much is left over? Estimate the finished-lot value.
  • Does my result make sense? Compare that estimate to other value indicators.

Students must apply in advance by completing the registration form.

Requirement: Students must bring a tablet or laptop with WiFi capability and Excel.


Day 1 Program

Day 1 - Corky McMillin Center for Real Estate - Real Estate Society of SDSU

2016-2017 Program

Session 1

Valuing Residential Land

Session 2

Retail Market Analysis

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Session 4

Site Planning

Session 5

Commercial Property Management

Session 6

Advertising & Public Relations