Time Frame

First semester in Upper Division

The Business Passport is introduced in BA 310, and your electronic portfolio is initiated when you complete Portfolium’s onboarding process into the SDSU Business Passport private network.


Business Passport events/activities are completed and assignments are compiled for inclusion as portfolio items.

By the time you graduate

Prospective employers indicate that in today’s market they look favorably on candidates who provide an electronic portfolio that illustrates their accomplishments in key skill and knowledge areas. To distinguish your portfolio from fellow candidates, be sure it includes the following elements:

  • At least one event/activity in each area of the Business Passport;
  • At least three high quality assignments, each of which demonstrates your achievement of one or more of the following goals of the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration:
  1. Effective written and oral communications
  2. Critical thinking skills
  3. Ethical awareness
  4. Global perspective
  5. Knowledge of business essentials
  • Of these assignments, at least one must be an individual (rather than a group) assignment;
  • Your professional resume.