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Online Bachelor's in Business

Sign: Office of Admissions, Prospective Student Center

How to Apply

Admissions Information

San Diego State University College of Business Administration Undergraduate Online Bachelor's in Business program accepts applications from upper-division transfer students each year between August 1 and August 31 for admission the following spring. At the current time, we are not accepting international student applications.

Who is a Transfer Student?

If you have taken any college-level classes since the summer beyond your high school graduation, you are a transfer student.

SDSU accepts transfer applications only from upper-division transfer or readmission applicants who will have completed 60 or more transferable semester (or 90 or more quarter) units by the end of the fall term prior to spring transfer. SDSU does not accept transfer applications from lower-division students with fewer than 60 transferable semester units.

Transfer Admission Requirements

Upper-division transfer applicants must meet the following minimum requirements to be considered for admission:

Requirements How to Meet Requirements Timeline for Spring Admission
Units Complete 60 or more transferable semester (or 90 or more quarter) units. Must be completed by the end of fall 2017.
Golden Four: Oral Communication Complete, with a grade of "C-" or higher, a basic public speaking course or other communication course certified in the area of Oral Communication by a California community college. Must be completed by the end of fall 2017.
Golden Four: Written Communication Complete, with a grade of "C-" or higher, a freshman composition course that emphasizes essay writing or reading and writing concurrently. Must be completed by the end of fall 2017.
Golden Four: Critical Thinking Complete, with a grade of "C-" or higher, a second semester composition or writing course, or a course in reasoning and effective argumentative writing. Must be completed by the end of fall 2017.
Golden Four: Mathematics Complete, with a grade of "C-" or higher, a mathematics course above the level of Intermediate Algebra. Must be completed by the end of fall 2017.
General Education Courses Complete a minimum of 30 units of General Education. Must be completed by the end of fall 2017.
Preparation for General Business Major Complete all preparation courses for General Business. Must be completed by the end of fall 2017.
Grade Point Average (GPA) Meet and maintain a minimum of 2.9 GPA to apply for the General Business major. Must meet GPA at the time of application and maintain throughout the admission process.

Students with prior SDSU coursework must maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA for any SDSU Regular Session, Special Session, Open University, or Cross Enrollment coursework. This is in addition to the cumulative GPA listed above.

Online Resources

Use the following websites to determine how transfer course credits can be used to meet SDSU General Education and major preparation course requirements.

  • The Transfer Admission Planner (TAP) includes course equivalency information for colleges and universities throughout the United States. You can also use TAP to identify any specific grade requirements for individual courses or combination of courses. TAP is updated annually to reflect the most current SDSU General Catalog information.
  • The ASSIST website is the official repository of articulation for California's public colleges and universities.

Admission decisions for the Undergraduate Online Bachelor's in Business program will be based on official transcripts. Review Step 2 under Steps to Apply for instructions on when and how to submit your official transcripts.

Steps to Apply

  1. Apply To The University

    Spring 2018

    SDSU will be accepting spring 2018 applications from students who wish to pursue an Online Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. The application period runs August 1 – August 31, 2017.

    Starting August 1, you will be able to apply online at and select spring 2018. When asked for a major, select “Business Admin (General) (BS) (External Degree) (ONLINE PROGRAM)”. A $55 nonrefundable application fee is required of all applicants at the time of application. After you apply, you will receive your SDSU Red ID.

  2. Request Official Transcripts

    Send official copies of the following transcripts to SDSU by October 2, 2017:

    • Transcripts from all colleges you attended (including summer 2017 grades). SDSU will accept only electronic transcripts from the schools listed on the page. Please ensure that you indicate this preference when making your request.
    • Transcripts for all International Baccalaureate credit (if applicable).
    • SDSU will not accept hand-carried transcripts delivered in person. Transcripts must be sent directly from your college to the SDSU Office of Admissions. For Schools not on SDSU's electronic transcript list (see link above), have transcripts mailed to:
      Office of Admissions
      San Diego State University
      5500 Campanile Drive
      San Diego, CA 92182-7455
    • Send official copies of Advanced Placement exam score reports. These should be sent electronically to SDSU, if applicable.
AACSB accredited

SDSU’s Fowler College of Business Administration is fully accredited by AACSB International – The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, all of its programs – both online and on-campus – are accredited.