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Online Bachelor's in Business

Program Overview

SDSU’s Bachelor of Science in Business Administration online degree completion program is designed so that students who satisfy all eligibility requirements for the program can graduate as a General Business Major in as few as 49 units* (18 courses), or as many as 55 units* (20 courses) depending on writing proficiency.

Upon completion of the program a student will be awarded the same degree on-campus students receive – the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. The diploma received and transcript will not distinguish that the program was completed online.

*All students must complete 120 units minimum for the Bachelors degree.


All courses in the online program are team taught. Faculty who have demonstrated an ability to excel in their regular on-campus teaching assignments prepare all course material using the most current technology and tools. Facilitators who routinely teach the course on-campus or are subject area experts monitor the course’s day-to-day delivery. Together, their goal is to bring to a student the same rigor and content as on-campus courses.


The program is structured to be flexible and convenient. It consists of courses from accounting, finance, information systems, management and marketing, the core business components. Courses are offered yearly in two of the three, 16-week terms (fall, spring and summer). These courses run in eight-week blocks, so a full-time student can take four courses each term, but focus at any given time on just two in a block. The program also accommodates students who want to take courses on a part-time basis. Although courses are expected to be completed by the end of the 8-week block in which they are offered, the program is entirely self-paced to afford a student the option of slowing down by taking a lighter course load or speeding up by taking a heavier class load.