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Respected Degree, Convenient and Flexible & Outstanding Value

Respected Degree – Go further with an AACSB accredited degree taught by top 50 public university business school faculty.

Convenient, Flexible, and as Fast as you Want - Allows you to earn a Bachelor’s degree around your professional and personal life in as little as 24 months and as few as 49 units.

Small Class Sizes - Get the attention and support you need to reach your full potential and enhance your learning experience.

Outstanding Value - Lifetime Earnings by Degree According to U.S. Bureau Statistics for 2016, with median earnings of $2.4 million over a lifetime, Bachelor’s degree holders earn more than $775,000 (48%) than workers with some College or an Associate’s degree and more than $990,000 (70%) with just a high school diploma.

High School Diploma
$1.41 million
Some College or Associates Degree
$1.63 million
Bachelor's Degree
$2.4 million

*Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

SDSU's Fowler College of Business online degree completion program is geared toward working professionals looking to gain a fundamental working knowledge of the varied aspects of business and how sub-disciplines within a business interact to contribute to the success of a private or public sector organization.

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