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2018 -04-25 San Diego Union-Tribune Chula Vista, Port approve financing for billion-dollar hotel and convention center
2018-04-25 Los Angeles Times Commission on College Basketball calls for sweeping reforms on one-and-dones, undrafted players
2018-04-24 Voice of San Diego Illegal Pot Shops Still Have to Follow Access Laws Suits Argue
2018-04-24 The 'Calexit' plan to split California from the U.S. gets a second chance, while other are looking to break up the state
2018-04-22 San Diego Business Journal Co. Can Park Data Or Help It Drive Solutions
2018-04-22 Bloglikes The Suckiness of Brands
2018-04-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Is it a good idea to roll back California's strict vehicle standards?
2018-04-19 2018's Cities with the Most Overleveraged Mortgage Debtors
2018-04-19 KPBS - San Diego Qualcomm Lays Off Over 1000 Employees
2018-04-19 KPBS - San Diego Qualcomm To Begin Round Of Layoffs As Part of 'Cost Reduction Plan'
2018-04-18 San Diego Union-Tribune Starbucks' racism controversy is a corporate wake-up call
2018-04-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Secret sexual harassment settlements and taxes 
2018-04-15 Forbes Words That Will Help You Sell, And Words That Will Hurt You
2018-04-15 San Diego Business Journal Ship Order Put Co. On Hiring Course
2018-04-15 San Diego Business Journal Parks Pick Their Strategies for Drawing Summer Visitors
2018-04-15 San Diego Business Journal Skincare Startup's Philosophy About Healing, Not Hiding
2018-04-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Are dockless bikes good business?
2018-04-11 KPBS - San Diego Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress
2018-04-11 KSWB - San Diego Congress Grilled Faceook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
2018-04-11 KUSI - San Diego  Mark Zuckerberg Returns to Capital Hill for Second Day of Questioning
2018-04-10 KSWB - San Diego Zuckerberg unscathed after 5-hours in Senate's grilling session
2018-04-10 KOGO - San Diego What did Facebook Do Wrong? 
2018-04-10 KOGO - San Diego How or Will Facebook Be Regulated?
2018-04-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Is Facebook still a good place for businesses?
2018-04-06 KGTV - San Diego Group: V.A. homebuyers often turned away
2018-04-05 KGTV - San Diego SeaWorld attendance drops in 2017
2018-04-05 A potential trade war is scary, but the U.S. has a legitimate beef with China
2018-04-05 Bloomberg Even Tiger Woods Can't Save Golf All by Himself
2018-04-05 Slack updates privacy policy: Employers can read 'private' DMs without telling workers
2018-04-05 KOGO - San Diego Will tariffs with China really come to pass?
2018-04-04 Los Angeles Times Stocks dive and then surge as U.S.-China trade war escalates
2018-04-03 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego average rent up to $1,887, breaking record. Will it last?
2018-04-02 San Diego Union-Tribune ICE block: New state law limits employer cooperation with immigrant officials
2018-03-30 San Diego Union-Tribune A trade war a good thing for U.S.?
2018-03-28 KPBS - San Diego SDSU Students Take On National City Food Deserts
2018-03-27 Los Angeles Times NCAA tournament rakes in millions on efforts of unpaid athletes, but what's the solution?
2018-03-27 San Diego Business Journal Lactation Bar Company Strategically Nurtures Its Niche
2018-03-26 KGTV - San Diego Data shows how much San Diego families need to budget
2018-03-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Trump's new economist: Good choice?
2018-03-21 KOGO - San Diego Does Facebook Have an Obligation to Protect Privacy?
2018-03-19 KFMB - San Diego Bright Futures 5K helps homeless youth
2018-03-19 San Diego Union-Tribune California Supreme Court: OT rate for flat bonus must be based on nonovertime hours worked
2018-03-19 KOGO - San Diego  Should you give your kids money for a house? 
2018-03-18 San Diego Business Journal  Qualcomm's $100 Question
2018-03-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Luxury apartments at glut level?
2018-03-15 KOGO- San Diego The Impact of March Madness on the Workplace
2018-03-15 Wharton Radio Changing Barbie's image - will it be successful?
2018-03-15 KUSI - San Diego Toys R Us closing all U.S. stores, jeopardizing 30,000 U.S. jobs
2018-03-14 KPBS- San Diego Broadcom Officially Drops Qualcomm Bid After Trump Decision
2018-03-14 KFMB - San Diego Toys R Us tells employees U.S. stores will closed or sold
2018-03-13 Los Angeles Times College basketball scandal will do little to decrease interest in March Madness
2018-03-13 4 quirky tax deductions that could save you money
2018-03-13 KGTV - San Diego After Trump's block Qualcomm facing post-Broadcom Uncertainties 
2018-03-13 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU West will wait until June to push stadium project
2018-03-12 KOGO - San Diego New Research Shows That Employers Value Test Scores
2018-03-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Federal review of Broadcom-Qualcomm deal: A good thing?
2018-03-09 KSWB - San Diego What President Trump's Tariffs Mean for You
2018-03-07 MEL Magazine With the New Tax Laws in Effect, Should You Incorporate Yourself if You’re a Part of the Gig Economy?
2018-03-07 Wall Street Journal Papa John's Wants to Get Back to Making Pizzas
2018-03-06 KPBS - San Diego  Federal Regulators Ask Qualcom to Postpone Broadcom Bid Vote
2018-03-05 KOGO - San Diego Just Look at Her Now! The Problem with Click Bait
2018-03-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Lessons from Google engineer's Round 1 loss in dismissal flight
2018-03-05 KSWB - San Diego  Do NFL Protests Hurt Their Sponsors? 
2018-03-02 IE3 Preventing Workplace Harassment
2018-03-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Are tariffs good for economic policy?
2018-03-01 KFMB - San Diego Retailers Take a Stand
2018-03-01 Los Angeles Times Retailers use gun controls to make policy statement and manage image, experts say
2018-03-01 San Diego Union-Tribune UC San Diego may lose Qualcomm as a key benefactor if company is sold
2018-02-27 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego home price starts year at $539K
2018-02-27 KPBS - San Diego SeaWorld Losses Widen For The Year, CEO Manby Departs
2018-02-25 San Diego Business Journal Pirch Puts Effort in its Comfort Zone
2018-02-23 San Diego Union-Tribune Should the state gas tax be repealed?
2018-02-23 KPBS - San Diego How Long Does $1 Million Last in Retirement In San Diego?
2018-02-22 MarketWatch Your desk placement could be a factor in your next promotion
2018-02-21 The Daily Aztec Students question company's business practices
2018-02-21 Financial Planning Planners are struggling to demonstrate value. Here's how academics can help
2018-02-19 Los Angeles Times Olympics has struggled with attendance. But if it makes billions, does filling seats really matter?
2018-02-19 San Diego Union-Tribune The law's place in ongoing sexual harassment policy
2018-02-19 KOGO - San Diego Will bankruptcy ruin your life?
2018-02-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Trillion-dollar deficits: A wise economic strategy?
2018-02-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Last year's housing market broke records
2018-02-13 MEL Magazine Will Filing for Bankruptcy F*** Up the Rest of My Life?
2018-02-10 Los Angeles Times Why the stock market's tranquil ascent abruptly turned into a rollercoaster ride
2018-02-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Trump's $1.5T infrastructure plan: An effective approach?
2018-02-08 KOGO- San Diego Why do people look down on immigrants?
2018-02-08 KGTV - San Diego Dow Drops 1,000 points for the Second Time
2018-02-07 KGTV - San Diego San Diego County feels the impact of the proposed U.S.-Mexico border wall
2018-02-06 KPBS - San Diego Stocks Repeatedly Sink And Recover As Wild Ride Continues
2018-02-06 Why job referrals can hurt a company's diversity
2018-02-05 KSWB - San Diego Market Volatility - Time to Panic?
2018-02-05 Entrepreneur Magazine Super Bowl Ads 2018: What Worked and What Didn't
2018-02-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Pot and the California employer post-Prop. 64
2018-02-02 KGTV - San Diego Stock market closes worst week in two years
2018-02-02 KPBS - San Diego  New Economy: San Diego Professor Explains Dollars and Cents of Super Bowl Ads
2018-02-02 San Diego Union-Tribune A strong U.S. dollar: An economic boost or handicap?
2018-02-02 KOGO - San Diego  What makes for a great Super Bowl ad?
2018-02-01 MEL Magazine Stupid Money: What the Hell Happened to Interest Rates?
2018-02-01 WBAL - Baltimore Best and Worst Super Bowl Ads 2018
2018-01-31 San Diego Union-Tribune New study tracks how consumers 'forget' ethical issues when they go shopping
2018-01-31 KGTV - San Diego San Diegans create way to decode ads posted by sex traffickers
2018-01-31 Ask the Experts: Best Way to Walk the Balance Transfer Tightrope
2018-01-31 Healthcare DIVE Health industry not immune to workplace sexual harassment
2018-01-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Will SDSU's next president lead the school to greatness?
2018-01-26 San Diego Union-Tribune Stopgap budgeting: An economic downside?
2018-01-24 San Diego Union-Tribune 3 San Diego stores part of Toys R Us announced closures
2018-01-23 USA Today Bitcoin: If currency crashed, plunge would harm its investors but not economy
2018-01-22 MEL Magazine Administrative Fees Are Just a Bullshit Scam
2018-01-22 San Diego Union-Tribune What to watch as the Google memo writer's lawsuit unfolds
2018-01-19 KGTV - San Diego USAA to offer free pay advances for active duty
2018-01-19 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego unemployment at 3.3%. What would government shutdown do?
2018-01-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Inflation and bond rate: A good sign for the economy?
2018-01-17 MEL Magazine Stupid  Money: What's an IRA Anyway?
2018-01-16 What is a Credit Reference? Definition, Examples, & More
2018-01-15 KFMB - San Diego Missile-alert error reveals uncertainty about how to react
2018-01-15 KUSI - San Diego  San Diegans in Hawaii During Nuclear Bomb Scare Share Experience
2018-01-14 San Diego Business Journal Meeting the New Standard
2018-01-14 San Diego Union-Tribune Did Chargers' exit hurt local tourism, bar revenues?
2018-01-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Pot: An economic boon to San Diego?
2018-01-11 How to Build Credit in 8 Simple Ways
2018-01-10 KOGO - San Diego Google faces discrimination lawsuit
2018-01-09 San Diego Union-Tribune Purplebricks, flat fee real estate listers, launch in San Diego
2018-01-08 CNBC - Nightly Business Report Smart Phone Addiction & Corporate Responsibility
2018-01-08 KOGO - San Diego Can you be fired for being too fat?
2018-01-08 San Diego Union-Tribune Is terminating a severly overweight employee disability discrimination?
2018-01-05 San Diego Union-Tribune Should infrastructure be the next big economic issue Congress tackles?
2018-01-02 KOGO - San Diego  The Business of Marijuana
2017-12-31 San Diego Union-Tribune Economists, CEOs look ahead to 2018: The indicator they'll track most
2017-12-29 San Diego Business Journal  Home Sellers Open Door for Bitcoin
2017-12-28 San Diego Union-Tribune Connection found in elitism, unethical behavior, study says
2017-12-27 KOGO - San Diego New California employement laws for 2018
2017-12-27 KPBS - San Diego How will new California laws impact businesses? 
2017-12-27 KABC - Los Angeles Four new California employment laws for 2018
2017-12-26 Los Angeles Times Four things every California employer should do before Jan. 1
2017-12-24 San Diego Union-Tribune Biggest economic surprise of 2017?
2017-12-23 Los Angeles Times Is it time for a former player to run U.S. Soccer?
2017-12-22 San Diego Union-Tribune Super Saturday spells super-sized male-dominated mall crowds
2017-12-21 KOGO - San Diego New tax rules - who wins and who loses?
2017-12-21 KGTV - San Diego Why not to pay 2018 state income taxes to boost your refund
2017-12-20 KOGO - San Diego GOP tax package - is this true tax reform? 
2017-12-20 KGTV - San Diego Impact of GOP tax bill on San Diego homeowners
2017-12-20 KNSD - San Diego Tax Reform Impact on SD
2017-12-18 KPBS - San Diego Shopping Smart This Holiday Season
2017-12-18 KUSI - San Diego  What does the GOP Tax Bill mean to you?
2017-12-15 San Diego Union-Tribune Bitcoin: A common currency?
2017-12-15 San Diego Union-Tribune How 2 friends turned ugly Christmas sweaters into a clothing phenomenon
2017-12-14 KOGO - San Diego Impact of the demise of net neutrality
2017-12-14 KGTV - San Diego More single-family homes now for rent
2017-12-14 KPBS - San Diego Holiday Shopping Booms Boosts Retail Sales
2017-12-14 San Diego Union-Tribune When it comes to net neutrality, the FCC mistakenly puts trust in ISPs
2017-12-14 KSWB - San Diego The end of net neutrality: What it all means
2017-12-14 KGTV - San Diego Donating Safely to SoCal Fire Victims
2017-12-11 San Diego Union-Tribune Court: Pilot returning from service deserved bigger bonus from FedEx
2017-12-08 Associated Press Can better policiies prevent workplace sexual harassment?
2017-12-08 San Diego Union-Tribune Tax bill's impact on San Diego: Lots of downsides
2017-12-07 For Fox and the Murdochs, they may be better off selling to Disney than Comcast
2017-12-07 Average Credit Score - By Age, State, Year & More
2017-12-06 Hey, Alexa, where are all the lower prices at Whole Foods?
2017-12-05 Los Angeles Times Russia's Olympic team barred from the 2018 Winter Games
2017-12-05 New York Times Did Russia Get off Easy in Olympic Ban? Read the Fine Print
2017-12-05 U.S. News & World Report Why the GOP Tax Plan Won't Hurt the Stock Rally
2017-12-05 KGTV - San Diego Colorado baker case may impact San Diego laws
2017-12-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Special report: Can we build our way out of the housing crisis?
2017-12-04 KPBS - San Diego Qualcomm Denounces Broadcomm's 'Hostile Takerover' Bid
2017-12-01 San Diego Union-Tribune Sexual Harassment: A hit to business bottomline?
2017-11-29 KNSD - San Diego How to Avoid Higher Prices On Bundle Packages For TV, Phone and Internet
2017-11-29 Raconteur CEOs struggle to balance shareholder returns and growth
2017-11-29 San Diego Union-Tribune Got $529,750 for a San Diego house?
2017-11-28 KUSI - San Diego Getting smart with philanthropy: Making your dollar count
2017-11-28 KFMB - San Diego Giving Tuesday: Some donors left feeling fatigued and overwhelmed
2017-11-28 KOGO - San Diego Uber hack - did Uber do anything illegal?
2017-11-28 KGTV - San Diego Tips to avoid "Giving Tuesday" scams
2017-11-28 KGTV - San Diego Companies canceling holiday parties
2017-11-27 KOGO - San Diego Net neutrality - how does it work? 
2017-11-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Holiday party rules for managers
2017-11-24 CNN - Money Black Friday is here: Crucial holiday season begins for battered retailers
2017-11-24 KPBS - San Diego San Diego Shoppers Notice Smaller Crowds on Black Friday
2017-11-24 KOGO - San Diego Online retailing vs. brick-and-mortar stores
2017-11-23 San Diego Union-Tribune What's to be thankful for about this economy?
2017-11-21 KNSD - San Diego FCC Plans to End Net Neutrality
2017-11-21 KGTV - San Diego
2017-11-21 KFMB - San Diego
2017-11-21 KOGO - San Diego How Sex Traffickers Use Emojis in Online Advertising
2017-11-21 KPBS - San Diego  Study: Sex Traffickers Use Emojis In Online Ads To Avoid Detection
2017-11-19 San Diego Union-Tribune Housing shortage? Solve it with a building boom?
2017-11-17 CBS Evening News Retail Stores Forced to Get Creative with Online Shopping
2017-11-13 KNSD - San Diego Qualcomm Rejects Broadcom's Offer
2017-11-13 San Diego Union-Tribune New law to ban inquiries into salary history
2017-11-13 Moondog Marketing & Media The One Thing Millennial Start-Ups Are Forgetting
2017-11-12 San Diego Union-Tribune Jessop bling flickers out: Next generation prefers tech and mushrooms
2017-11-10 KOGO - San Diego  AT&T/Time-Warner Buy-Out Snap: Political or Anti-Trust Issue?
2017-11-10 San Diego Business Journal Putting MBAs on Fast Track
2017-11-10 San Diego Union-Tribune Will San Diegans benefit from proposed federal tax plan?
2017-11-09 San Diego Business Journal Broadcom Aims Low With Qualcomm Offer
2017-11-09 San Diego Business Journal Synergy, Right Symbolism Required for Proper Naming of Schools
2017-11-07 KOGO - San Diego Protected Political Free Speech? Woman Flips Bird At Trump, Loses Job
2017-11-06 KUSI - San Diego Broadcom makes $130 billion offer to buy Qualcomm
2017-11-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Reduced 401(k) tax benefits: A worthwhile tax reform?
2017-11-03 Los Angeles Times Qualcomm's stock soars on reports the Broadcom wants to buy it
2017-11-03 KNDS - San DIego How GOP Tax Plan May Impact on San Diego
2017-11-03 San Diego Business Jouranl Reports: Broadcaom Exporing Bid for San Diego-Based Qualcomm
2017-11-02 San Diego Business Journal Teams Seal First Victory With the Right Names
2017-10-30 San Diego Union-Tribune What do employers need to know about the 'ban the box' law
2017-10-27 San Diego Union-Tribune Stock market heading for 'correction'? EconoMeter panel says yes - and no
2017-10-27 San Diego Business Journal HomeStreet Counters Trend By Adding Local Branches
2017-10-26 KOGO - San Diego Amazon Prime Key Service - how does it work?
2017-10-25 San Diego Union-Tribune Will this new ad fix SeaWorld's attendance woes?
2017-10-25 Christian Science Monitor Battle over fine print: Why GOP is risking consumer ire to support banks
2017-10-24 San Diego Union-Tribune New San Diego median home price: $535K
2017-10-23 EdScoop New technologies encourage - and record - student class attendance and engagement
2017-10-20 KGTV- San Diego White House responds to local tax plan concerns
2017-10-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Wine country fires: An economic hit to the state?
2017-10-16 San Diego Union-Tribune Distinguishing between employers and independent contractors
2017-10-14 Wall Street Journal  Rent the Runway Chases the Fast-Fashion Shopper
2017-10-13 San Diego Union-Tribune State housing legislation; Enough done?
2017-10-11 KOGO - San Diego How do sexual harassers get away with their crimes?
2017-10-09 KNSD - San Diego How Some Big Retailers are Appealing to Online Shoppers
2017-10-09 KOGO - San Diego Amazon takes on UPS and USPS for merchandise distribution
2017-10-06 Los Angeles TImes Nordstrom's newest store aims for a personal touch - and no clothing racks
2017-10-06 San Diego Union-Tribune Trump's tax plan: A boost to the economy?
2017-10-05 KOGO - San Diego Will new, tiny Nordstrom store appeal to shoppers?
2017-10-04 Associated Press For Adidas and Rivals, Sponsorships Are Good Business
2017-10-03 KOGO - San Diego No red flags with Las Vegas shooter
2017-10-03 KSWB - San Diego More weapons found, but no motive
2017-10-02 San Diego Union-Tribune  Mission Brewery sells stock to beer fans
2017-10-02 San Diego Union-Tribune Is firing an in-law marital discrimination?
2017-10-01 How to Build Credit in 8 Simple Steps
2017-09-29 San Diego Union-Tribune A robot tax: An answer to automation and job loss?
2017-09-28 KNSD - San Diego How Trump's Tax Plan Would Impact Californians
2017-09-27 KOGO - San Diego Can NFL Owners Fire Their Players for Protesting the National Anthem
2017-09-27 The Daily Aztec Student entrepreneur drops into skate industry
2017-09-27 Dennis Michael Lynch Blog U.S. Gov't spends tax money on studying Latino eye movement at grocery stores
2017-09-25 KFMB - San Diego Trump vs. NFL Players
2017-09-25 Los Angeles Times Mid-year housing report: Fewer home listing, new price peaks
2017-09-25 Los Angeles Times Analysis: Mark Zuckerberg build Facebook into a behemoth whose power he underestimates
2017-09-25 KOGO - San Diego Facebook turns over Russian election ads to Congress
2017-09-22 KNSD - San Diego Companies May Soon Be Delivering Food Straight to Your Kitchen
2017-09-22 San Diego Union Tribune EconoMeter ponders whether a higher deficit is OK with a tax cut?
2017-09-20 San Diego Union-Tribune A toy story: Geppetto's thrives in retail jungle
2017-09-20 San Diego Union-Tribune Will this campaign to highlight San Diego attract young jobseekers?
2017-09-19 San Diego Union-Tribune San Diego's new median home price: $535K
2017-09-18 San Diego Union-Tribune What does the law require? Accommodating employee's religious practices and beliefs
2017-09-15 San Diego Union-Tribune End the 'dreamers' program and hurt the economy?
2017-09-14 San Diego Business Journal Coca-Cola Helps Suja Pour It On
2017-09-14 KOGO - San Diego Hurricane Harvey/Irma Fraudsters are lurking
2017-09-13 Forbes Here’s Why You Might See Shorter Commercial Breaks During NFL Games
2017-09-12 KGTV - San Diego  Apple expected to debut new iPhone, other products (video clip)
2017-09-08 San Diego Union-Tribune Disaster insurance: Should it be mandatory?
2017-09-08 KOGO- San Diego How will Hurricanes Harvey and Irma impact the economy? (video clip)
2017-09-07 KOGO- San Diego San Diego a possible location for Amazon HQ2 (video clip)
2017-09-04 San Diego Union-Tribune SDSU faculty tour Tijuana, collaborate with Mexico school
2017-09-04 San Diego Union-Tribune When accommodating one employee's disability triggers another employee's disability
2017-09-04 San Diego Union-Tribune Gig economy creates legal puzzles for the courts
2017-09-03 San Diego Union-Tribune Who do you turn to when you're unhappy with your on demand service?
2017-08-31 Los Angeles Times Rams could have the most expensive seat in America
2017-08-31 KFMB- San Diego 4 out-of-state companies invited to San Diego to build border wall prototypes (video clip)
2017-08-30 KOGO- San Diego Will Amazon takeover of Whole Foods start a grocery store price war? (video clip)
2017-08-29 KOGO- San Diego What are the costs of a government shut down? (video clip)
2017-08-29 San Diego Union-Tribue San Diego median home price drops to $537,750 in July
2017-08-28 Financial Post Learn to have an entrepreneurial mindset, not how to run a business
2017-08-28 Los Angeles Times UCLA athletics' enhanced branding and marketing efforts are starting to take shape
2017-08-28 KGTV How much Whole Foods could drop their prices (video clip)
2017-08-28 KUSI- San Diego Discussing the costs of the border wall and the threat of a government shutdown (video clip)