SDSU’s College of Business Administration’s Master’s Programs Named Among Best in the U.S.

Value Colleges ranks SDSU in top 6 public universities and 16th overall for “Best Value Master’s of Management Programs 2015”

The online publication Value Colleges has recognized the San Diego State’s College of Business Administration in their national survey of “Top 50 Best Value Master’s in Management Programs 2015”. The college’s specialized master’s degree programs placed sixth among public universities and 16th among all universities surveyed.

Value Colleges determines the ranking using the following three factors: - Payscale’s 2015 College Salary Report - Tuition (as reported directly from the institution) - U.S. News & World Report’s national ranking “These are the universities that have found the right balance between reputation, quality, and cost to give students a high return on investment and a proven advantage on the job market,” the article reported.

In naming SDSU’s College of Business Administration to the list, the article noted that the college “is considered one of the best business schools in California” and is “also a best value and best program for veterans.”

“We are pleased that Value College has identified our specialized master’s programs as being one of outstanding quality and of top return on student investment” said Dr. Dennis Cradit, dean of SDSU’s College of Business Administration. “With specializations in information systems, accounting, sports business and others, the College of Business Administration has continued to develop and grow our specialized master’s degree programs, which has been an evolving trend among the nation’s top business schools for the past decade.”

In addition to SDSU, specialized business graduate programs at Duke University, MIT, University of Southern California and Northwestern University were also named to the list.